Saturday, August 11, 2012

S.O. Killzone 6th ed update info

I appologize for the silence about the 6th ed update, I have been busy with commissions, dealing with tendonitis and learning the proper way to play 6th.

I have been asked many times in the past week about the release date for the update and to be honest I don't have a date set in stone. The plan is by mid to late September, cause I'd like to make it a solid update. I still need to format the changes and re-write some of the rules to fit with 6th.

The initial release will probably be very basic as I need to shoot a bunch of photos for the new book and my time is extremely limited right now.

If anyone is good with photoshop and wants to lend a hand with some of the pics would be welcomed. If you are interested in helping out with that just shoot me an email. Credit will be given as always.



  1. Great to hear Jim! Let us know if you need some early play testers!

  2. Will you be making it so the mission cards (for those of us who picked them up) will still be compatible with the updated rules?

  3. I'd be happy to proof read and/or help with layout.

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