Sunday, August 12, 2012

Background for the CelestiCon Narrative Event

Come join me for the Battle of Denari narrative event in Fremont Ca at CelestiCon.

Set up will be begin at 10AM on Sunday the 2nd of September.

Relevant player info can be found on the CelestiCon website.

Here is some of the Background leading up to the event.

The battle for Denari

Denari is lies in the galactic north east of Segmentum Ultima near the Centaurus Arm. It is always dangerous on the galactic fringes of the known space, but the resources that they hold make these planets important to the engine of the Imperium. Denari is rich in the raw makeup of Promethium and also is the most pure source of Adamantium on the eastern fringe. 

If you were to view the planet from space it looks like nothing more than a forgotten backwater world with little to offer in plunder. This is a strategic ploy; almost all Denari’s industry is subterranean, as is most of the habitation. The only two things that are remarkable from orbit are the capital city of Kalfor and the refinery complex on the western reaches.

The planet would have probably remained a secret if it were not for the Echo of Malice a Chaos heavy cruiser being severely damaged in an ambush by the Imperial Navy. It narrowly defeated its foes and needed to repair its Gellar field generators. The Echo of Malice is the warship of Aris the Seeker from the Soul Reapers Chaos Marine Warband.

They ghosted a transport fleet to Denari, knowing that they would be able to get what they needed to repair the Echo of Malice. While the ship had no Gellar field and could not Warp jump, it was fully battle worthy. The Chaos ship made short work of the meager system patrol vessels and made a run on the orbital loading docs above Denari.

Scanning the planet and seeing the transport ship activity in the system just did not add up in Aris’ mind; so while his men secured the loot to repair the Echo, he headed to the command deck with his Warpsmith in tow. Once the slaughter on the command deck was done the Warpsmith got to work, pulling every bit of data they could from the stations computers. With their task complete Aris commanded the Echo’s gunners to obliterate the orbital dock.

Upon reviewing the data Aris smiled a devious grin, knowing that Warlord Krüg would be very pleased with the information that he is bringing.

Forty five days later the governor of Denari received this message from the edges of the system.

“Abandon hope for I am Death Incarnate and my Soul Reapers will descended upon this world to show you the power of the eight fold path; let the reaping begin!”

-Krüg the Beheader

Two days later the entire planet was under the Warlords complete control. He then put the planets refineries and mines back to work to fuel his mighty dark crusade.

Fifty five days later an Imperial relief fleet lead by the Space marines of the Carcharodons chapter arrived at the edge of the system. There was little sign of a traitor fleet other than a dozen Chaos Raiders patrolling close to Denari. They were easily brushed aside by the Imperial fleet. The following exchange took place immediately following the destruction of the Raiders.

“Traitors, we have smashed through your pathetic defense fleet, soon you shall choke on your blood. Our forces shall strike hard and fast where you least expect it. Prepare to pay the ultimate cost for 10000 years of treachery. Know this the Carcharodons will not rest until the last drop of your blood is spilled and your black souls are sent back to the warp.”

-Tyberos the Red Wake

“Better check your long range scanners again lackey! You should have been more diligent in your scanning of the system when you entered it, for you are now cut off and will be surrounded shortly. I do respect your bloodthirsty nature, at least you may be a worthy adversary; something that I rarely see in you weak bloods. I invite you down to the capital of this backwater so I can test your metal personally. If you prove worthy I promise to take your head as a trophy.”

-Krüg the Beheader

“You sprung your trap too early Traitor, for the Ultramarines are only a few hours from arrival in system with an entire Imperial navy battle group. All I have to do is keep your ass facing the outer system for our main fleets’ arrival. I think I can handle that task more readily than you think, so do your worst. We shall spill your blood amongst the stars and then I come for you!”

-Tyberos the Red Wake

“Bold words weak blood! Let us see who is still standing at the end of this day.”

-Krüg the Beheader


  1. Sounds awesome, too bad I can't be there.

  2. Man. I wish I was close to this stuff. I'd be all over playin in this event! Sounds like a great story to play out. :)