Saturday, August 8, 2009

Re-imagined Aspiring Champions

Here are the first two replacement Aspiring Champions for the Soul Reapers.

Both are armed with a Powerfist and a Bolter.

I think they are going to be a fantastic addition to the Reapers!

I've decided to do these three options.

1 Powerfist with bolter
2 Power Weapon with bolter
3 Powerfist with combi-flamer


  1. I've been kicking around doing the same thing with the Possessed kit if/when I get around to doing chaos marines.

    The Possessed rules are crap (...I mean, come on, Khorne Berserkers do the job better AND cheaper with LESS randomness...), but the models are sweet. Good to see that the hefty arms look appropriate as powerfists.

  2. The kit bash really produced some characterful models.

    Look forward to the rest, and then seeing them painted.

  3. wow now I am debating on making a 500 point chaos army (well at least paint and model)

  4. They look great, that possessed kit really is a treasure chest of bits!

  5. great job, man. I just did a reimagined plague champ doing the same thing. I really like how you removed the horns from the head on the left. Thats a really smooth conversion.

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it.

    Old School T; Thanks, I have a strict no horned helmets policy with the Soul Reapers!

    I prefer spikey over horny Marines! :P

    Painting has began and I must say they are looking schweeet!