Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two more Podcasts to check out!

I've been enjoying these two shows greatly and want to share them with my readers that may not have heard them yet.

First up is The Gamers Lounge. This is a fantastic podcast brought to us by Bill and Jay, who are both part of the 40k Bloggoshpere. They give in depth coverage to a lot of the aspects of tournament gaming that most podcasts gloss over.

Next up is Table Top Hooligans. I think these Jersey boys are fun to listen to, but I hazard a guess that they will be an acquired taste for many gamers though. TTH is a generalist podcast covering 40k, Flames of War, Warmachine, and the only podcast I know of the cover Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear!


  1. Hello Jim that is BIG I wouldlike to know it you have had the chance to listen to the podcast Life after the cover save? I saw you comment on from the warp that said you were going to give us a try. We may not be for everyone (explicit I think even more than DLT) But I think that people might find us quite entertaining. LEt me know what you think of the show. You can post a comment here as I check out your blog regularly or you can leave one on our wordpress you can get the show there or on iTunes. Thanks for your time Big JIM

  2. Ed,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was great fun! I will give you guys a shout out on the blog soon.

    Big Jim