Thursday, March 24, 2011

Galaxy in Flames Review: Secret Weapon Miniatures resin bases

The Soul Reapers are being mounted on Flagstone resin bases from Secret weapons miniatures. I just thought I’d give you my feedback on the bases after working with them for the army.

I got the entire range of the flagstone bases with the beveled edges and they cover: 25mm, 40mm, 25 x 75mm bike and 60mm bases. The bases themselves represent very aged flagstone with creeping moss randomly placed on them. This theme is excellent for the Soul Reapers as they scour the galaxy in search of lost artifacts hidden in long forgotten temples and cities.

The casting on the bases is remarkably clean, with only a few requiring sanding in order to remove excess resin from the base bottom; this was done to make the beveled edges sit flat on the tabletop. They are also almost bubble free, I think outta an armies worth of bases I had 8 or so with small bubbles, which can be easily filled or makes for a reason to remove the random stone tile from the bases for variety; like I did.

I would highly recommend looking at Secret Weapon Miniatures bases for anyone in the market for cool looking themed basing.

The beveled bases range offers the following themes:

Runic Mountain
Urban Streets
Flight Deck
Trench works
Desert Basin
Desert Mesa
Desert Sands
Desert Wasteland

I’d love to see the flagstone line expanded with more bases for variety sake. My suggestions would things like making packs of rubble/damaged flagstone bases. Having missing stones, rubble added from fallen walls or structures; that would be fantastic. I’ll be doing plenty of my own conversions for these types of bases, but it would be wonderful to get them right out of the package!

I’d also like to see Character bases done in 25mm, 40mm and Bike bases to see them stand out from the rest of the army! Similar to what I did with Xusia's base.

Sorry for the delay in posting the review, between the fences around my house falling down in the extreme wind that Norcal has been having and the impromptu joining the cast of Deepstrike Radio, I have been scatter brained.


  1. We shall forgive you for being scatter brained.
    Just give us more pictures!!!!!
    Woot! Woot!
    The bases and models are excellent.
    I will almost feel bad when I make you take them off the table after I kill them! :-)

  2. I had intended to have more pics, but the rainy weather kiboshed that as well. There will be plenty of painted goodness going up on the blog in the very near future.


  3. I've been using the round lip version of the same line for my warmachine stuff. Very easy to paint and look great. The snow kit he does is a no brainer too. Adds a really nice effect to whatever you put it on.