Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garro: Legion of One

I have really been enjoying the short story audio books from Black library. Legion of One is no exception, in fact I think it is one of the best.

Here is the description from the Black Library site:

"Nathaniel Garro, loyalist Death Guard, and hero of the Eisenstein, has found a new calling in his service to the Emperor. Surrounded by a cloak of secrecy, Garro travels the galaxy in pursuit of his new goal. His quest will lead him to heart of the most destructive warzones, and reveal a secret that will change the course of the Horus Heresy itself..."

I found the revelation at the end of the story to be very Epic as a fan of the Horus Heresy book series! So if you are a fan of the Heresy book series by all means pick up Garro: Legion of One.


  1. jim
    did you buy it by downloading it or did you purchase a physical copy?

  2. Matt, I downloaded it from the BL site. The CD version is still on pre-order.


  3. You're right about the revelation

  4. Have you tried any of the full audio books on download? The only thing I'm not sure I like about the audio dramas is that there are no chapters. So I have to listen to it all in one go or else pause my mp3 player and not turn it off until the drama is finished. If the full books are the same way when downloaded I'd be disappointed.

  5. TIG, I have both Prospero Burns and A Thousand Sons as audio books and both are broke down into manageable chapters, like a normal book.

  6. Thanks for the reply, Big Jim. That's great news. I'm not saying I suffer road rage, but if I did, listening to Oath of Moment seemed to help. Now, if only they didn't want so much money for a download! Also, I think I'm going to apply for a job as a book reader. I think I can narrate as good as their guys, and probably do character voices a little better!