Thursday, March 31, 2011

Killzone Cards PDF in time for Adepticon

Brand new and ready for unveiling tomorrow at Adepticon! These cards are meant to add cinematic flavor to your games.

They will be used at the Adepticon Events starting tomorrow. There are professionally printed decks for use on each table at the event.

Secondary Objective Cards: The Secondary Objective cards are designed to add a new wrinkle to your Killzone game, to stretch your resources, and to force you to reconsider strategic options that might otherwise remain untapped.

Secondary Objective Cards are also designed to upturn the results of the game. As such, these cards remain concealed during gameplay in order to mimic the covert and the clandestine nature of your Special Operations Group.

Fate Cards: These cards are designed to add a statistically improbable, but appropriately cinematic, element to a Killzone game. They are not necessarily balanced, and are deliberately designed to offer your Team a boon in the grand, heroic Hollywood tradition.

Good luck to everyone entering the Killzone at Adepticon! I expect lots of pictures to come my way!


  1. Looking good there Jim, Sending you some more 'zerker stuff a freaking box this time, why dont the backpacks fit on the back?

    Please email me I have a sneeky request.

  2. SWEET! some of my cards made it in! well done on the overall project it is a really great idea and well executed

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