Friday, December 9, 2011

Killzone True Skirmish

So I have been chatting with the guys about finally getting to the advanced “True Skirmish” version of Killzone. We have been batting around some mechanics, the one thing that the “TS” version of Killzone will have is a “phased” turn sequence. Where one player will activate a model/unit do its turn then the 2nd player will activate a model/unit. Alternating activations until every model/unit on the table have a turn.

When activated a model will be able to perform 3 actions from a list included in the rulebook; these include things like moving, shooting, fight in melee and overwatch.

Things we are heavily considering: (none of them are a sure thing.)

We are pretty sure the “TS” version will do away with the codex errata system; it will be replaced with an actual book or Codex of armies that represent the forces of 40k.

With the new army book we are debating creating a new stat line and realigning the points values with an entirely new system. The points realignment will probably happen, since the points system of 40k is jacked up and arbitrary anyhow.

The D10 will more than likely make an appearance alongside the trusty D6 in the new version.

You will be able to group models together into adhoc squads.

Ditching the clunky cover save system for hit modifiers for shooting.

Until next time…


  1. Hey you should just make it be a generic skirmish game that allows people to use *any* model thry would like... Like a powered armoured dood could be a space marine but could also be like a warpath forgedwarf or whatever they call them. That way you would be on your way of making your own game... Just a though, keep up the good work Jim!

  2. I am already thinking that. I may just include the points matrix in the rulebook, for ease of customization.

  3. I suggest you make it a separate system, which it looks like you are doing. I LOVE playing skirmish level games, but find it hard sometimes to get my gaming group to try new things. I think keeping the system similar to the way 40k plays is a great introduction for people who might not play otherwise. Just my 2 cents, thanks for making Killzone!