Thursday, March 29, 2012

FW Storm Eagle gunship!

Wow, look what was found hidden on the Forge World site!

This is what the Storm Raven should have looked like, cause this model is made of Win and Awesome Sauce!

I have got to get a couple of these!!! It will save me so much effort converting the Terror Hawk for the Soul Reapers!


  1. Now THAT is a nice looking model -- still has the Brick Aerodynamics you'd expect without looking as silly as the Storm Raven.

  2. Holy cow, that's exactly what I'd like to see for use with my upcoming heresy-era World Eaters! I'm concerned however that what with it being so close to April Fools day that it's not real...

    ...And my wallet is concerned that it IS real! :)

  3. I'm getting such a massive tau vibe looking at that with the delta wing.

    I feel that a lot of the recent fw replies have had too much xenos vibe and lost done of that chunky, boxy marine look.

  4. WOW!
    Now that is a Space Marine gun ship!
    Awesome find.

  5. Maybe it is just me, but being "hidden" and only like 2 days away from april fools day I'm a little doubtful of this. It looks more like a conversion. The front and wings are storm raven. It looks to me more like it is built out of a storm raven instead of based on one.

    But if it is real, then it should be worth it and I bet all the salamander players will be happy.

  6. I am praying this is a true hidden gem that will be revealed on Forge World Open Day...but also have to agree that with it being so close to April Fools, Forge World may be pulling our legs with this.

    God I hope not... especially considering Salamanders are my next Marine army, and this is just a much more marine-esque looking flyer.

    Must...Not...Get...Hopes Up...

  7. I have it from a very reliable source that the Storm Eagle is not an april fools joke. It is a real Kit coming in the near future from FW!

  8. It looks awesome, I really like how they kept the Thunderhawk feel. And don't April Fools only work on the morning of April 1st?

  9. I really hope there's some thing like this coming for space wolves. It would be EPIC!!!

  10. Days from April Fool's and using a name that's already established in the 40k universe? We already have Stormeagle rockets. I can't recall an instance of them ever reusing a name like that before. On top of that, the page layout isn't anything like a normal page on FW either....

  11. Have you seen the latest forgeworld news letter it is real and Aprils fool prank

    Nice model and not overly expensive just. 160 in dolars with shipping aprox



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