Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chaos Marines in the Movies

Inspired by Mkerr and his fantastic Movie Marine Article on Bell of Lost Souls. As a response I have created a Chaos Marines in the Movies list for grins. This is yet untested and done purely for the sake of fun. Besides every Movie has got to have it’s Baddies!

I'll do a quick rundown of the additions and changes to the list, for ease of use I have made a PDF of the full list.

Download Here

Overall changes: both Stubborn and ATSKNF were replaced with Fearless. I changed the name of the "Do You Want Some of This?" rule to "From hell's heart, I stab at thee" in an attempt to make it sound more like Chaos, but the actual rule is too Kool not to use! Both Demi-squads gain Combat Blades wargear, this was my way of dealing with the extra attack CSM's have without having to give them Bolt pistols.


1 Aspiring Champion
"The Chaos movie army is led by a tough, grizzled Veteran of ten thousand years of perpetual war, leading in a vicious and brutal fashion. He is a lethal Warrior surviving thousands battles and is more than eager to free the servants of the Imperium of their slavery to the Corpse God."

The stat profile is the same as the BoLS article as are the points.
The option to upgrade the Chainsword to a Chainaxe was added.
The Listen up maggots rule was replaced with:

I feel the warp overtaking me...: The Aspiring Champion is infused with the power of raw Chaos. On any turn that he launches an Assault he gains D6 extra attacks. Roll these dice separately; on any results of a one the Aspiring Champion must make an armor save or take a wound.

The "Dude" has been replaced with a Possessed Marine.

Possessed Marine
All the great sci-fi bad guys have a subordinate or partner that is Mad as a Hatter. He’s the guy that takes his orders way too far and revels in the carnage while he’s doing it. Sometimes he’s the grim sort of comic relief that you know it’s wrong to laugh at, but do so anyway.

The stat profile is the same as the BoLS article as are the points.
The bolter is swapped out for a Bolt pistol he also gains Daemonic Talons.
The Special Issue Ammunition stayed with its name Changed to Warp Infused Ammunition.

The Second in Command rule is dropped for the following two rules:

Daemonic Visage: The possessed Marine is a terrifying sight to behold as metal is fused with flesh. Any unit that wishes to assault the Possessed Marine must pass a leadership test to do so. If the test is failed the squad must fall back.

Do you hear the voices too?: The Possessed Marine constantly hears the whispers of Daemons in the Warp, he is quite a nutter! Roll a D6 at the beginning of every Chaos turn and on the result of a one the Possessed Marine charges off in some random direction in the movement phase. Roll the scatter die and move the model his full 6 inches in the direction indicated. If a Hit is rolled on the scatter die the Possessed loses the option to move this turn as he deals with the voices in his head.

Basically the both are the same as the original article with the Changes listed above in the overall changes entry and they lose Combat Tactics.

Demi-Squad 1

Demi-Squad 2
Has the Heavy Bolter option swapped out with an Autocannon option at 110 points

Now we get to the fun stuff!

Fast Attack

0-1 Chaos Spawn

“The Chaos spawn is what the heroes of any great sci-fi film are afraid of when Jones goes missing. It skulks around and attacks when you are most vulnerable its only goal is to assimilate you into its massive body. It is the terror in the dark that everyone fears”

Chaos Spawn WS-5 BS-n/a S-7 T-7 W-5 I-5 A-D6+2 LD-9 Points-175

1 Chaos Spawn

Unit Type:



Special Rules:

Slow and Purposeful
5+ Invulnerable Save

Terror to Behold: The presence of the Chaos Spawn evokes feelings of dread and terror in its enemies causing even the most strong willed to cower in fear. All enemy units within 6 inches of the Chaos Spawn reduce their leadership by 1 and must pass a Leadership test or fall back.

Regeneration: The Chaos Spawn is constantly evolving and incredibly tough to hurt. If the Chaos Spawn fails its invulnerable save it may ignore the wound on a die roll of 4+.

Vulnerable to Fire: The slick nauseous flesh of Chaos Spawn is extremely vulnerable to damage caused by incendiaries. When hit by a Flame weapon the spawn reduces its toughness to 5. The Chaos Spawn may not regenerate any wounds caused by Flame weapons.

The Chaos Spawn is constantly looking to feast on flesh of its victims. During this process the Spawn grows more massive. For every casualty caused in Close Combat by the Chaos Spawn roll a D6 and on the result of 5+ one wound added to the Spawns profile, up to a maximum of 10 wounds.

Heavy Support

0-1 Chaos Rhino
The same as the original article with one addition.

Add a Havoc Launcher for 50 points

Havoc Launcher: Range 48, Strength 6, AP 4, Type: Heavy 2, Large Blast, Pinning


Auto-senses: Chaos Space Marines count as being equipped with an auspex and may re-roll the dice when determining sighting distance for Night Fight.

Power Armor: Models in power armor may re-roll unsuccessful armor saves. Additionally, models in power armor gain a 4+ Invulnerable save.

Chainaxe: A Chainaxe is a power weapon that confers a +1 S bonus and allows the wielder to re-roll any failed roll to wound. Additionally, all close combat attacks gain the Rending quality.

Close Combat Blades: Close combat blades are vicious Admantium bladed short swords carried by Chaos Space Marines, which add +1 to their attack profile.

Daemonic Talons: The Possessed Marine has mutated brutal talons attached to his arms, sometimes replacing his hands. All close combat attacks gain the Rending USR and allow the Possessed to re-roll any failed roll to wound.

Autocannon: A Chaos Space Marine Autocannon has two modes of fire; M1 Assault for when it is fired on the move and M2 Heavy for when fired stationary. When firing the Autocannon in the assault mode roll one additional D6 for determining the distance of any scatter results.

Autocannon Mode 1: Range 30, Strength 8, AP 3, Type: Assault 3, Small Blast, Barrage
Autocannon Mode 2: Range 60, Strength 8, AP 3, Type: Heavy 6, Small Blast, Barrage

This has been a fun little distraction from my Mini-dex project. I hope you enjoy tying it out as much as I did making it.

If you do get a chance to playtest these, please send your comments and feedback to me at galaxynflamesblog@gmail.com

Thanks to Menzies for the quick cover art for this project.

Thanks again and enjoy,
Big Jim


  1. Looking good, a very fine counterpart to the loyalist version. Love what you've done with the spawn, has a rather nasty 'the thing' feel to it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback mate. That 'the thing' feel was totally what I was aiming for!

    I've now rune the list 3 times, against Guard, Orks and Movie Marines. The Movie armies battle was Epic! I'll do a battle report after the next one some time this weekend.