Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Soul Reapers SC 2: Krüg the Beheader

I am furiously trying to finish up work on a play test version of the mini-dex that has been asked for. I'm really working hard to make sure all the Special Characters are in it and have been play tested at the very least.

Updated 12/03/09

Here is Krüg as he will appear in the play test mini-dex.

Krüg the Beheader
Warlord of Chaos

Midus Krüg, Captain of the World Eaters Seventeenth Great Company, took the failings of the Heresy bitterly. He was outraged over being forced to retreat from the Walls of Terra only to hide like dogs and cowards in the Eye of Terror. What struck deepest was the slow decent of his Legion. Though the World Eaters were never famed for their professionalism, their conduct or combat tactics, to those within the Legion, there was a core of pride and honor within combat. The Legion's embrace of the Chaos God Khorne had removed all such valor and turned the World Eaters into blood seekers and madmen.

Watching the infection of Khorne enter the ranks of the Seventeenth, Krüg decided action was required. Removing his forces from the Legion's fleet, he risked the lives of his brothers to make sure they would not become the fools that his Legion were to become. His actions were gratified when news of the slaughter upon Skalathrax. As the rest of the Legion turned upon itself, the Seventeenth headed deeper into the Eye of Terror.

Coming upon the daemon world of Terkerak, the Soul Reapers faced their first battle as an independent force. Krüg took the planet by rights of conquest, slaying its former lord, Malekhi, in single combat. While exploring the temple Malekhi had formed for himself, Krüg found many passages scribed on the walls about 'reaping souls for the Lords of Chaos'. Believing a greater power than fate had brought him here, the Seventeenth would forever be known as the Soul Reapers.

The texts within the temple told how Malekhi had managed to come to power and he planned to further it through possession of the artifacts of Salmora. The Salmora was a very powerful ancient Daemon Prince; he found and created a total of 12 artifacts. He used the artifacts to wage war against the chosen champions of each of the Dark Gods, in an attempt to ascend to godhood. Seeking the authority to reunite his Legion and destroy the foul Imperium, Krüg left his new domain in search of the artifacts.

Using the cover of Abaddon's First Black Crusade to sneak past Imperial defenses, the Soul Reapers have been leaving burning worlds all over the Imperium for ten millennia

Krüg the Beheader
WS 7
BS 5
S 4
T 4
W 3
I 5
A 3
LD 10
Points 210

Terminator armor
Twin Linked Bolter
Personal Icon
Daemon Scythe Golornagoth
Soul Stone of Salmora
Runes of Chaos

Special Rules:
Independent Character

Daemon Scythe Golornagoth: One of the twelve powerful artifacts that were once carried by the Daemon Prince Salmora; he used the scythe to rip the souls out of his enemies.

The Golornagoth is a Daemon weapon that grants the bearer an additional D6+1 attacks and +1 strength in assault, any unsaved wound caused by the Golornagoth will kill multi wound models on a 4+, no matter how many wounds the model may have remaining.

The Soul Stone of Salmora: Krüg has bound himself with the Soul Stone in order to increase his power over life and death.

The Soul Stone grants Krüg the Eternal Warrior USR found on page 74 of the MRB.

Runes of Chaos: The inside of Krügs armor is incrusted with many Chaos runes to protect him from the enemies of Chaos. During the inscription ritual 4 psychers are sacrificed and their souls bound to the armor one dedicated to each of the Dark Gods.

Runes of Chaos grant the bearer a 4+ invulnerable save in addition to his armor save. Furthermore if the bearer of Runes of Chaos or the unit he is with is affected by an enemy psychic power, the power is nullified on a 5+ dice roll.

Warlord: Krüg never enters the field of battle with out his personal bodyguard the Usurpers. The Usurpers have been handpicked over ten millennia from the most powerful warriors that the Soul Reapers have to offer.

If Krüg is included in a Soul Reapers army it must include a squad of Usurper bodyguards. In addition to this one unit of Chaos Terminators may be taken as a Troops choice.

Usurper Bodyguard

Krüg believes the ancient expression that says, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". His bodyguard is hand picked from the most powerful warriors that the Soul Reapers have. Each one has risen through the ranks attaining great skill and loyalty amongst their troops. Keeping them close at hand a grouped together Krüg has kept them from challenging his authority through their own rivalry and distrust of one another.

Usurper Bodyguard are all selected out of the Terminator listing on Page 94 of the codex CSM, all Usurpers must be upgraded to champions. They always count as an Eilte choice.

Unit type:


Terminator armor
Twin-linked bolter
Power weapon

Options: (all options are listed in the Terminator entry on page 94 of the Chaos Space Marine Codex.)
The only Change to the options listed in the codex CSM it that the Usurpers may take one heavy weapon for every 4 models in the unit.

Special Rules:

Chaos Landraider


  1. I don't like having to roll another dice on the scythe after saves are made if they are multi-wound models. i feel it just complicates combat. Perhaps on 6's to wound his attacks cause instant death? or if the player rolls a 1 on his armor save.

    Also, why does he need an item to give him Eternal Warrior when basic chaos lords have it automatically?

  2. I don't think an extra die roll overly complicates the scythe.

    Basic Chaos Lords do not have Eternal Warrior; only Daemon Princes have Eternal Warrior.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  3. I agree that the extra dice does not overly complicate the process, as it is very similiar to the leadership test required by Force Weapons.
    However, because it is so similiar to a Force Weapon, why not make it act like a Force Weapon? This would cut down on extra rules and still give him a potent extra attack.

  4. Magilla, while I don’t think that’s a bad idea, this is why we avoided giving the scythe strait up instant death so it would be different from the Slaanesh Blissgiver DW. We wanted to make a unique weapon for Krüg to carry. It’s hard to create unique new special rules that haven’t been done in some form or another already in 40k.

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.


  5. Runes of Chaos needs to have different wording I think. I believe you want it to have a 4+ resistance to the effects of psychic powers, so it should be something along the lines of "Krug has a 4+ invulnerable save in addition to his armor save and may nullify(negate?) any psychic power that targets Krug (or possibly members of his squad) or includes him (or possibly members of his squad) in its area of effect." While this feels Khorne and Tzeentch-y it doesn't ring of Slaanesh or Nurgle, and as you said all 4 gods were involved you may want to include some other effects (even improved Init/Toughness).

    On the warscythe, did you mean to make it ignore Eternal Warrior? If so, good, as that's pretty much what's keeping it better than a blissgiver. Reap souls!

  6. Overall, I like what you've got here. My only thought is the Usurper squad gaining two heavy weapons seems to me a bit too much.

    Krug is powerful but fluffy, and I think he's well-represented in the cost, especially give the hidden cost of having to run him with the bodyguard.

  7. Thanks for the feedback Max. The Invulnerable save from the Runes of Chaos is meant to also protect him from taking wounds from those psychic powers that offer no chance of a save. I like your idea better and will present it to the guys.

    This is what I’m going to propose:

    Runes of Chaos grant the bearer a 4+ invulnerable save in addition to his armor save and may nullify any enemy psychic power on a 5+ that targets the bearer or any unit that he joins.

    Good catch on the Warscythe and yes that is how it was designed.

    Brent, thanks for the input. Maybe we'll rethink the 2 HW option for the Usurpers, as I have not used it very often anyway. When we did it was one of each and didn't feel over the top.

    I'll be bringing all the feedback given to the guys when we get together.

    Thanks again guys!