Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harbinger of Malice: new Soul Reaper unit type

When I originally started writing the background/fluff for the Soul Reapers the Apostles of Malevolence were not only sorcerers but they were apothecaries also. When we undertook the mini-dex project this was quickly changed. In the revised fluff I added a sub-cult of non-sorcerers named the Harbingers of Malice to fill the roll of keeping the captured Marines alive during the tortuous process of turning. Without a Chaos version of the Marine command squad they were left out of the list, as we didn't want to create a new HQ eating up one of those precious slots.

Now that the new Blood Angels are out, I will be using the Soul Reapers as counts as BA's in competitive gaming. With the New BA codex I have found the answer to the dilemma that kept the Harbingers out of the mini-dex. As I will be modeling a few Chaos Sanguinary Priests for my counts as army this is the perfect opportunity to add them to the mini-dex.

The Sanguinary Priest set the perfect precedent for what I wanted the Harbingers to be like. I did change the effect of their abilities for the Harbingers.

They are added to the Elite Choices of the Soul Reapers mini-dex.

Harbinger of Malice

They are the non-psycher devotees of the Apostles of Malevolence cult within the Soul Reapers. They are dynamic orators revealing their visions of carnage and glory gained by the Soul Reapers through their unwavering dedication to the Dark Gods. The visions granted them are due to the use of mind altering chemicals to converse with their Chaos patrons’, this is the darkest form of alchemy. Off the field of battle they serve the Apostles using their alchemical knowledge to keep the captives alive during the process of changing. On the battlefield they use their Alchemical Injectors to keep the Soul Reapers in the fight infusing those around them with a burning furry to slaughter the foes of Chaos.

0-1 Harbinger of Malice

WS-4, BS-4, S-4, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-2, LD-10

Points Cost:

Unit type:


Power armor
Bolt Pistol
Close Combat Weapon
Frag and Krak grenades
Alchemical Injectors: grant the bearer and any squad he has joined with the Feel no Pain and Furious Charge USR’s

Special Rules:
Fear is for the Weak
Independent Character

May take any of the following:
Melta bombs 5
Personal Icon 5

May take one of the following:
Combi-weapon 10
Twin-linked Bolter 5

May swap his Bolt pistol for the following:
Plasma Pistol 10

May swap his close combat weapon for the following:
Power Weapon 15

May take one of the following:
Jump pack or Wings 25
Bike 25


  1. This is great fluff Jim. It is also a good story and way to include a variation of an apothecary into a Chaos themed army.
    I am constantly surprised that after 10,000 years of warfare that Chaos is not smart enough to use apothecaries, land speeders, land raider variants...etc...etc.

  2. This interesting and dark look on the BA codex sounds cool! Great fluff, too.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! I am currently modeling the fist Harbinger, I'll dd him to the post if I snap a pick tonight.

  4. An excellent addition to the growing forces of the Soul Reapers. Looking forward to seeing the model to represent the idea on the battlefield.

  5. Thanks jabber, I should hve the first concept model up later today.