Monday, April 26, 2010

The true power has arrived!: Xusia the Master of Malevolence

Here he is in all his painted glory! I am quite happy with how well he turned out. This was my first attempt at doing lightning on a force/power weapon, I think it turned out ok.

I will be updating the entry for Xusia tomorrow for inclusion in this weekends update of the Playtest mini-dex.

Oh yeah, I don't want to forget to give a shout out to Corvus and his fantastic blog. He provided me with the nifty new background image I used here. I'd also like the thank Dverning for introducing me to corvus' blog!

For those that are interested here is a list of where I got the parts for the conversion.

His lower body was from limited ed DA vet, the chest from the Zerker box, R arm from CSM box, R hand SW box, L arm SW box, L gauntlet from CSM, L hand from Marine Termy Libby. Antlers for the helmet and the staff haft Chaos Lord box. The staff mace head comes from LoTR Sauron. L handed holster and shoulder pad chaos bikes squad box. Grenade and pouch Catachan box

These are the parts that are from WH fantasy: the skull helmet minus the antlers, hanging skulls on the pack and the scroll on his waist. The helm is from the chaos warrior box and the scroll/hanging skulls are from the Empire flagellants.


  1. Jim, he looks great! I love the pose, and as usual your painting has added to a wonderful conversion. I really like the weapon, the purple is a good choice.

    My only criticism is that I feel he could have benefited from some freehand. He comes across as being such an important character, but other than his pose (re: conversion) he doesn't stand out that much from an ordinary sorcerer/librarian. I think some swanky freehand on his robes and cloak would make him stand out that little bit more.

  2. Thanks for the honest feedback, Kuffy! I do agree some freehand would be swanky. I did play it a bit safe with the mini, because I really couldn't decided what I wanted to freehand on his robes/cloak.

    Maybe I'll revisit the issue once he sits done up like this on my desk for a while.

  3. a very nice mini overall. You should be proud of him.

  4. Absolutely stunning!!!
    wow. just. wow.

  5. Hurray!
    As you know Jim, I really like the model and the paint scheme just highlights what is a beautiful bit of conversion.
    The only problem I see with the model is the fact that from now on you will have to field him in your army - because you can't leave this model on shelf! :-)

  6. Kudos all around, well done!

  7. Really nice :)
    I like that he's mostly plastic too!

  8. Very nice model Jim, I like the use of various bitz like the helmet adornments and the scroll to make him stand out. Great paintjob too, that mace looks excellent.

  9. Great power weapon effect and jemstone work. Love how this one turned out.

  10. Skeletor lives!

    Honestly, there's something about the creepy visage, the interplay between the muted armour and vibrant cloth colours and effects, and the pose of the model, that screams out intent, purpose, ruthlessness, and cruelty.

    It's a pretty damn good model, and your paint work has really made it sing. Colour me jealous!

  11. Great work Jim. That's a lovely conversion, with some great sourcing of bits (I think the flagellant sprues have to be some of the best for great little pieces). The paint job is brilliant too. Freehand would look great on him but I think if you were unsure what to do then leaving it was definitely the better option. Half-hearted freehand never works and the painting you've done on him is great. Well done on the lightning on the power weapon too. Very impressive. My favourite mini I've seen recently now! :D

  12. I remember when you were building this guy.
    Nice job on the painting.

  13. Awesome job - something to be proud of, Jim.


  14. I really appreciate the praise and feedback guys, thank y'all very much!

    I was really worried that the lightning wasn't going to work out, so I am a bit relieved.

    Mags, I must say I agree with you he must be fielded. This just means I will have to work that much harder on the other 4 characters, so they are just as Awesome!

    Menzies, Thanks for all your help along the way on this project. I think we are going back to the Characters on the cover concept for the mini-dex. I'm just glad that I haven't had you do the final cover yet!

    The Soul Reapers are really all about the Characters after all is said and done anyway.


  15. Beautiful work mate, very characterful.

  16. i love this model! it is so awesome and the conversion is pretty sick. the arms are so seamless that i can't believe they are so many parts. great paint job too.

  17. Thank you kindly, mate! I have gotten very good at doing these arm conversions in this army, the gauntlets on the Chaos arms make it a lot easier that loyalist arms, which usually need some GS work when converting.

    Thanks again,

  18. Awesome mini, thanks for the shoutout and using my backdrop! Happy painting! -Corvus