Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soul Reapers Possessed unit entry

Here is the next version of the Possessed that will be going into the next min-dex update for testing.

Possessed Marine

WS-4, BS-4, S-5, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-2, LD-10, Points-28

Power armor
Possessed count as having 2 close combat weapons

Special Rules
5+ invulnerable save

One Possessed Marine may be upgraded to an Aspiring Champion for 30 points. If a Champion is taken the Squad increases its initiative by +1 as long as he is alive.

One possessed may take a Personal Icon for 5 points.

Daemonkin Chart
At the beginning of the game before deployment roll one D6 and consult the chart below. The possessed unit will have this special ability for the duration of the game. If the unit has an Aspiring Champion the result may be re-rolled once.

1) Scouts: This includes their Rhino transport if they have one.
2) Furious Charge
3) Fleet
4) Daemonic Fire: The Possessed can now spit fire with the following profile.
Range 12, S-5, AP-3, Type-Assault 2

5) Feel No Pain
6) Daemonic Flight: Possessed with Daemonic Flight move as jump infantry. Additionally they may still be mounted in a transport if they have one.


  1. Is the bonus for two CCW included in the profile or not?

    Rending as default? I guess OK points-wise since removed chance for PW.

    What's the rationale for the AC upping the squad initiative?

    Personal Icon only, no chance of alignment?

    AP3 daemonic fire is pretty butch - should possessed still be BS4?

    "Scouts" never felt very daemonic, especially if you've got an option for wings (which allegedly the scouts option partly represented). Maybe replace that with something else?

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    1) no the extra CCW is not in the profile, so 2 base attacks +1 for the off handed weapon for a total of 4 on the Charge.

    2) Rending standard makes sense, I always thought the all PW result was a bit much.

    3) The thought was that the Champ gives the squad a greater focus in combat. This is the one part of the entry I expect to either change and/or be controversial.

    4) The Personal Icon is just a side effect that this entry is for the Soul Reapers mini-dex. If I were rewriting it for the codex the Icon options would be the same as in the codex.

    5) Possessed were BS 4 even when they had bolt pistols, so I see no need to change that.

    6) Wings were not representative of the scout result, it was mentioned for Fleet. I like the idea of Possessed breaking ranks and rushing headlong toward the enemy, which is what it describes in the scout entry.

    Thanks again, keep the feedback coming!


  3. Not a whole lot to say because I agree with most of it. Other than I think they should have 1 attack and 2 close combat weapons and I would make 4 a poison attack...not a fan of the Possessed shooting.

  4. Thanks Mags, I originally wanted poison attacks, but was out voted by the group, although I have a habit of getting my way in the end. ;-)

    I think Possessed should be as fighty as Berzerkers, cause they are powered by a daemon.

  5. I very much agree with the last comment in your last comment. lol

    Hopefully the Heresy Blog will be up soon - I'm loathe to reveal what is supposed to be exclusive content, :(