Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Soul Reapers mini-dex update info

In the next week and a half I will be uploading version 5 of the playtest mini-dex. I am finally starting to go through the process of converting the document into a multi-column Codex styled product. It is also getting some of the great splash images (like the one pictured above) throughout the codex, that Menzies has graciously done for the project.

This version will include no less than five new unit entries, plus the Chaos Drop Pod option as a transport. We have also chosen which one of the two playtest Icons will make it into the final version. We will also be lowering the points cost of all Plasma Pistols by five points, this is really just installing a GiF Man-cave UHR (universal house rule) to the project.

We have also decided to take a rather radical step, we will be rewriting and replacing the Chaos Marine entry with a new version done in the same style as all three of the new Marine codecies.

Here is the new entry we have been using in the GiF Man-cave for the last two months.

Soul Reapers Marine Squad………………95 points

Unit Composition:
4 Soul Reaper Marines
1 Aspiring Champion

Unit Type:

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Close Combat Weapon
Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules:
Fear is for the Weak

Dedicated Transport:
* May select a Chaos Rhino or Chaos Drop Pod

*May include up to five additional Soul Reaper Marines: +16 points per model.
*One model may take an Icon:
- Personal Icon……………..5pts
- Icon of Perpetual War….25pts
*One model may replace his bolter with one of the following:
- flamer……………………Free
- melta gun………………..5pts
- plasma gun…………….10pts
*If the Squad numbers 8 models or more, one Marine may replace his bolter with one of the following:
- flamer, heavy bolter, autocannon,
missile launcher…………….Free
- melta gun………………………5pts
- plasma gun, lascannon……..10pts
*The Aspiring Champion may replace his bolter and/or bolt pistol with the following:
- twin linked bolter………....5pts
- combi-weapon…………...10pts
- plasma pistol……………10pts
*The Aspiring Champion may replace his close combat weapon with one of the following:
- power weapon………….15pts
- power fist………………..25pts
*The Aspiring Champion may take melta bombs: +5pts


  1. First off, I can not wait to see the mini-dex.
    Secondly, I really like your entry for the Chaos Space Marines. I know that an updated Chaos Codex is a long way away, but I look eagerly forward to a time when our codex mirrors the newer SM codices.
    I am having a blast with my new army, but there are times I look at the SM codices with envy.

  2. Thanks for the support Mags! The mini-dex is looking more and more snazzy as I get more stuff in with the new format. It really is looking less amateur with each new page.

    I'm glad you like the unit entry.


  3. I can't wait to see the near-finished version 5. :)

    It's quite an effort to edit the text in the double column 'Codex' format, pepper it with graphics, watermarks, quotes, pictures of models, artwork, specialist fonts, etc, etc.

    Until I started doing it myself, I don't think I, or many other people, appreciate what an intensive labour of love to get evene a Minidex out, let alone a 2-3 times-a-year GW Codex release! So well done so far Jim!

  4. Yes - I've got to second what other have siad here - you've done a terrific job on the codex and I for one will be eager to download it and check out the hobby goodness inside.

  5. Will there be an option for Khorn Items like in the good old codedxes of the past?

  6. Thanks for all the feedback!

    Menzies, labor of love is certainly a good term, cause this formatting is testing my patients a lot of the time! I am sure there are better programs than word to do this in, but I am cheap.

    Jabbs, I really do appreciate the consistent support for my little project.

    Dee, there have not been any Khorne options in any of the playtest updates. The cult options were dropped from the Project very early on.


  7. I know it's tough Big Jim but your endurance with this project is really inspirational. I've begun reviewing custom dexes on Rules Manufactorum and with your permission I'd like to review Codex: Soul Reapers.

  8. Thanks for the comments Atrotos. I have no problem with you doing a review of the codex, but I would ask that you wait until I post the update next week.


  9. Look forward to getting the inside scoop on the Soul Reapers!