Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making better rules for Chaos Possessed Marines

I'm taking another look at this unit and trying to improve it, as with everything to do with my dedication to my mini-dex project I'm putting a lot of thought into this.

The models are just too nice to use only as filler parts for Asp. Champs. So I am going to do a complete re-write for them in the Soul Reapers mini-dex.

I do have a few ideas which I will share a little later, but I thought I'd get some ideas from the 40K Bloggosphere on the issue.

So if Possessed were re-written what would you like to see in the rules?

The loss of random gifts, and the return of actual pointed upgrades?

How mutable should they be? One or multiple upgrades per squad?

The floor is yours!


  1. It is Chaos so the idea of random benefits seems fitting. However you should know the strengths and weaknesses of the squad *before* deployment - changing this alone would make Possessed much better.

    Also, I would change the name of the unit so there's no confusion.

  2. I'd simply recost the upgrades from the past codex. It's not as though the possessed suddenly gain wings/power claws etc. immediately before they're deployed, a commander will have foreknowledge of the abilities of his possessed, and presumably some control over their abilities through the types of daemons his sorcerers bind into the marines.

  3. I'm also a fan of the random element, as it just seems "Chaosy." If you're looking for something with a more dependable role, perhaps you could create multiple tables? Before the battle, the player could choose whether they wanted close assault, or shooty, and then get a roll on the respective table. The close assault table would include things like rending, wings, extra attacks, etc. While the shooty table would include extra BS, rending shots, slow and purposeful, etc.

  4. I never understood what is wrong with Possessed Marines now? Get a big unit of 10 throw them in a land raider and shove them down your opponents throat. Whatever you roll up is good. (with fleet you have a 21-26 inch threat range)

  5. My biggest beef with them currently is rolling for their power after deployment. Which I have already addressed in the mini-dex.

    Thanks and keep the great feedback coming!

  6. Agree that rolling prior to deployment would be good.

    Maybe if buy a champion get to re-roll on the table? Give you a reason to buy the champ other than as a GD vessel option.

  7. I'm not a big fan of the random deal. So I'd like to see pointed upgrades.

    I'd look to the last codex's daemonic gifts and draw from there. I wouldn't want them to become super ultra customizable a la Nob Bikers, though. So make it such that every model has to take the same upgrades, and limit the number you can have. Maybe a "primary" list and a "secondary" list w/ max of 1 from former and 2 from latter? Or maybe even 1 from the primary list _OR_ up to 2 from the secondary.

    Primary could be the more costly ones and/or ones that buff a stat (e.g., +1 to STR, ATT, T), while the secondary list could be cheaper ones and/or ones that alter their "equipment" (e.g., daemonic visage, rending claws, poison weapon).

  8. I'm going to read yours with interest, because I've submitted mine to the Heresy Online Blog - I just don't know when that'll take off, but I already did a rule set for them. Your idea will be interesting reading. :)

  9. I like the random element, but I agree with others that rolling before, rather than after, deployment would be nice. It would make the Scout option more useful, since outflanking Possessed could be rather nasty. Other than that, I like them as they are.

  10. I am a little late to the party; however, I believe that Jim has hit the nail on the head - the primary problem is the fact that you roll AFTER deployment.
    If I was the designer for this unit, I would only make a few small changes.
    First off I would make the roll before deployment.
    Secondly, I would give them Rending attacks as a matter of course.
    On the tables I would replace Rending with Poison - wounding on 4+.
    I would also replace Power Weapon with Wings - move as a jump pack.

    Just 1.5 cents

  11. Those are some interesting ideas guys. Thanks for the comments!

    TKE, I look forward to seeing what you came up with too.

    Mags, I think we are getting to know each other too well. ;-)