Monday, July 11, 2011

On the table this week: Eradicators/CSM Havocs

Here is a WIP shot of what I am working on this week. It is a squad of Soul Reapers Eradicators; so basically correctly priced Chaos Havocs! The squad weighs in at 155 points without an icon or costs 160 points with a personal icon.

I really like the way that they turned out, even though they were a nightmare to build with the metal heavy weapons.

The Champ is a particular favorite of mine, I worked hard to give him a natural pose for a model holding a bolter and pointing. I also gave him that clever spiky bit on his pack that can double as a personal icon for those time that I give the squad an icon.


  1. Looking good Jim, I think I've just found inspiration for my third Long Fangs pack leader! :)

  2. Looking good.
    So, what army are we gonna see at Bay Open?
    Nosy people want to know! :-)