Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Soul Reapers Praetorian Centurion: CSM Chosen Champ

I am working on finishing up my Praetorian squad, I have finished the Centurion. I really love these Forge World berzerker heads, they give the perfect look to these veteran madmen. He is armed with a Chaos Rune Blade and bolt pistol, but his right arm is magnetized so will have more weapons options later.


  1. Great model - definitely gives off a lunatic berzerker vibe. Is that backpack from the Possessed sprues? I really like it! Keep up the great work!

  2. Just the right amount of red on the mini. Perfecto.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Mord, the pack is the champion one from the CSM box. I removed the horns from it.


  4. This is freaking AWESOME!!! Good work Jim..let me tell you as a painter I do not know if people appreciate just how hard it is to make a paint scheme like the SR's look this eye popping great

    -Jeff "STUCARIUS" Stuckey

  5. Great work how did you paint the skin?

  6. looks pretty awesome,

    I like how he is balancing the skulls on his backpack in the middle of battle :P

  7. I really like the way the red makes the model pop-out! :) Great job, mate!



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