Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1st Chaos Speeder ready for airbrushing!

Other than filling in the gap at the end of the trophy rack, this speeder is ready for paint.

I will be doing painting for this like the other Soul Reapers vehicles with the airbrush.

I tried not to go overboard with the Chaos bling as this sucka still gots to fly! The air ram tail thingy is not going to be on the other two speeders, they are going to have a proper tail so as to look a little more different from the Imp version.

For those who haven't checked out the Soul Reapers mini-dex, let me explain how the speeders are included in an army.

The Chaos Speeder squadron is only accessible if you are using either of two different special characters. Either of these characters grant access to a single squadron of up to three speeders. These ancient speeders come with drawbacks though, only one may be armed with a Multi-melta, and if they move flat out they may stall out and lose a speeder.


  1. I feel you on the spikes. But I wouldn't worry too much about it; speeders aren't the most aerodynamic things anyways, they fly more by virtue of suspensors and beating the atmosphere into submission by pure thrust than by anything like lift.

  2. Yeah I agree, all land speeders have always been about as aerodynamic as a Brick!

    Thanks for the comments!


  3. It's always the little details that grab me. The chains on the bottom of the Speeder do so much for this model that it hardly seems possible that it's such a straightforward conversion. Obviously, there's the iconography. But they also add that essentially cruel, chaotic element (the hook in particular makes it seem they are "snag fishing"). But most of all, the chains add so much movement to what has always seemed, as you mentioned above, a stagnant airborne brick.

    Brilliant work.

  4. Hey leave the brick alone! LOL!
    I agree wholeheartedly with all of you. The speeder design is horrific in terms of aerodynamics. Sons had it right when he said it beats the atmosphere into submission!

    I really like the way the model has turned out jim. I still think it would look cool with Reaper Autocannons and twin-linked Heavy Stubbers!!!

  5. I can't remember who did it, but years ago there was a cool Chaos speeder done up to count as a Master of the Ravenwing in speeder that used reapers for the assault cannons, and had the Master himself standing, holding onto the rail with a glaive ready for some low flybys.

  6. Thanks for the feedback!

    B.smoove, yeah I really like the way the chains convey motion, it was an idea that just popped up in my head.

    Mags, I emailed the main players after our conversation about the Reaper AC's, and they are now in as an upgrade option with the MM being limited to only one in the squadron. So you'll kinda get your wish but it will be heavy bolters and reaper ac's.

    Sons, I think I know the conversion that you are talking about, it was rather Kool!


  7. simple and chaotic. Its nice to see conversions that aren't overdone or crowded.

  8. Thanks Tyler, it is my usual goal to keep things modest.