Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Chaos Daemon Prince and daemons up for Pre-order

Gw have finally put this bad boy up for Pre-order! Including pics of the sprues, he's got tons of options! I will be using this set to create Vorenus the Raptor and a Generic Greater Daemon. (with the aid of my extensive bitz box for the GD's legs.)

Not shown in the Pre-order on the GW site are the now confirmed plastic Bloodcrushers. Pic pilfered from Adam on the Space Wolves Blog.

These plastics for the Daemons are so nice I may have to start a Daemons army, to compliment the Soul Reapers!



  1. I'm glad that the DP is finally coming out. Any word on the price tag? Not showing up on the site yet.

    Also glad that it will be on a 60mm base.

  2. I will definitely be getting two of these guys. Which means that my current Painted Daemon Prince will get to become a Generic Greater Daemon, until I figure out something better.
    I love the size and scope of the model, especially the wings.

  3. oh my. Here I am knee deep in third DP conversion (with a fourth on the books) and this bad boy finally bursts from the abysmal netherworld.

    Ah, Cruel Fate.

    Welcome DP conversions five and perhaps six... There is truly no rest for the wicked.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Sons, it looks like they finally put the price up and color me impressed. 33 USD seems like a fair price!

    Mags, I too really like the kit. I now have a metal DP that's gonna collect dust.

    B.smoove, truly, no rest for the wicked! I'm dieing to see what you do with him!


  5. 33? Not bad.

    So looks like you get three heads, three sets of arms, three torsos...one set of legs. They could have thrown two more sets of legs in there, charged 45 and I'd still have been happy. Oh well.

    Other legs that look like they'd fit? Hopefully some enterprising 3rd party company will start kicking some out soon.

  6. Looking at the sprue again, it looks like we get two torso fronts and one back. So I may have to buys a second box or do some serious sculpting.


  7. Gawd, they look nice. Wish I was doing Chaos. Oh well. Back to the Wolves... Wonder when the Blood Crushers will be out. Probably the next wave with Fateweaver :(

  8. I might use a warjack with chain guns on each arm as a DP.