Friday, July 30, 2010

Forge World is gonna make me poor!

I am bouncing the scheduled Scenrio post until this evening this stuff is too great to not post!

The upcoming Marine-centric releases makes me very excited! I will be spending lots on this resin Krak!

First up we are getting Power Armor variant packs. The first official one is the Mk III Iron Armor set.

The we have these sneak peaks from last week. The first is definitely Mk V Heresy armor.

Plus they are making Rogue Trader Space Marine Weapons Variants.

Then we get the Caestus Assault Ram new skimmer for non Blood Angels! Yummy, a Soul Reapers assault skimmer!

I can see all of this great stuff Making it into my Soul Reapers Chaos Space Marines and my Space Wolves.


  1. I am definitely not buying these under any circumstances. No, No, No! Well, probably not. Weak grin....

  2. Awww, man...this is going to hurt.

  3. The ram is deffo going into my Iron Warriors armory. as well as the Iron Armour...

  4. Don't care about the Macross-lite, but those MkIIIs and the weapons look great.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    I love those RT era Missile Launchers they are win!

  6. I think some of those pre-heresy helms would look good on Chosen....hmm...yep, gonna need to refurbish the dog house...wife gonna exile me there.

  7. I can see an order for weapons and a new Mk V stern guard squad making it into my army