Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spec Ops Killzone: Scenario I: Encounter

So I got all excited and decided to post the first scenario tonight.

Scenario I: Encounter

After spending the last few months on the front lines, you and your unit have been tasked with patrolling a quiet sector far from the main battle. While you have been given information that the area could possibly be an infiltration point for enemy forces; you are expecting this to be a routine scouting mission. However, it appears that the enemy had the same idea and your forces blunder into each other in the middle of no man’s land.

Table set up

Encounter is played on a 4ft by 4ft table; at least 50% of the tabletop should be covered in terrain. It is suggested that half of the terrain be of the ‘area’ or ‘LOS blocking’ variety.

Scenario Special Rules

All models on both sides are considered to have moved in the first turn of the game. Models belonging to the vanguard section [see deployment] forfeit their movement phase in the first turn.

Models in the rearguard section may choose to move or run in the first turn. Heavy weapons carried by models that are not “Relentless” or “Slow and Purposeful” may not shoot in the first turn.


You must divide your group into two halves that are roughly equal; then assign one half to be your vanguard section and one to be the rearguard section.

Divide the table into four quarters.

Players then roll-off using a d6 and the winner chooses to go first or second. The player that goes second then chooses one of the table quarters as his deployment area. His opponent will deploy in the table quarter that is diagonally opposite of his table quarter.

Deploy your vanguard section no closer than 6 inches from the center of the table and no further than 9 inches from the center of the table.

No model in the rearguard section may deploy closer than 6 inches to a model in the vanguard section. If you are using two teams in the group then one group is vanguard and the other is rearguard.

Infiltrating models may deploy anywhere on the table as long as they are a minimum of 10 inches away from an enemy model.

Mission Objectives

Each player places one objective in the table quarter adjacent to your opponent’s deployment zone. It must be placed 8 inches from each edge of the back corner of the table quarter. If you can get at least one of your models to reach the objective you gain 25 Mission Points.

Each enemy model killed is worth half its value in Mission Points at the end of the game. However, if your enemy fails its route test before the beginning of round 5, then every enemy model killed is worth their full value in Mission points

Ending the Game

Once a team is reduced to 25% (rounding up) of its starting model count, it must take a leadership test at the beginning of each of its turns. If this leadership test is passed, then the team continues to function as normal. If a team fails its leadership test, the team is considered routed, it is removed from play and the game ends.

Note: If you are using two teams in the group, then each group tests for leadership independently. In order for the game to end, both teams in the group must fail their leadership test.


  1. Hey man, these are some pretty great ideas you've been throwing out. I already told my friends we're going to try some of this out when I visit them in September haha.

  2. Thanks Zac, I am glad you like the ideas. When yo do try them, let me know how it goes!


  3. The overlapping text hurts my eyes...

    I take it there's 2 objectives? Or is there one? I'm not sure. The scenario seems to imply your opponent is a robot who doesn't do everything the 'player' does.

    Other than that small query, no real problems. I really like the scoring system too, allowing for a single model to win the game if the opponent is routed (Marbo?) makes sure neither side gives up until the bloody end.

  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    There are two objectives one for each player. Each player has identical goals/objectives in this scenario.

    I'll try an clarify that a bit and re-post it after the weekend, maybe with a map/diagram.