Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kill Team list ideas

A word of advice about building a Kill Team, your team needs as much killyness as possible, so there is no reason to take most troops choices unless you really want to. Kill Teams are elite units (not necessarily elite FO choices) sent on a special missions, with this in mind, make sure that you focus on the elite feel that the team should have.

Take units that have maximum access to special and heavy weaponry.

Here are a few Teams that I have used in the past:

Imperial Guard

10 Veterans
Sgt with bolt pistol and power weapon - Fearless
1 Sniper rifle - Relentless
1 Heavy Flamer
1 Plasma gun -Feel No Pain
Heavy Bolter team
Upgrade the squad to forward sentries (Camo-cloaks and defensive grenades)

1 Sentinel with a Multi-laser

total points 197

That's 10 dudes and a Walker!

Chaos Marine Kill Team 1

7 Chosen Marines
2 Melta guns
Champ with Power weapon - Furious Charge
Autocannon - Relentless
Flamer - Move Through Cover
2 standard Chosen

total points 196

That's also seven infiltrating models.

Chaos Marine Kill Team 2

5 Chaos Terminators
1 Reaper Autocannon - Feel no Pain
1 Combi-flamer
1 Combi-melta - Furious Charge
1 Combi-plasma
1 TL bolter and Powerfist - Preferred Enemy

total points 200

Space Marine Kill Team

6 Sternguard

Sgt with lightning claw - Feel No Pain or Furious Charge
1 Heavy Flamer - Infiltrate
1 Heavy Bolter -Relentless
2 Combi-melta
1 Combi-flamer

total points 195

Lots of killyness in there!

Space Wolf Kill Team (I have not used this one yet, but am dieing to try it out!)

6 Wolf Scouts
1 Plasma Pistol - Feel No Pain
1 Melta Gun
1 Mark of the Wulfen - Furious Charge
1 Sniper Rifle

1 Thunder Wolf with Power weapon - Stealth

Total points 198

6 infiltrating, scouting moving through cover dudes plus the Killyness of a stealthy Thunderwolf, what's not to love!

The possibilities are endless, but the best kill teams use the elite units from each dex. IMHO

PS: I will get the combat patrol rules up later this week as I am feeling a bit under the weather.


  1. I have to agree that Kill Teams should be based around the elite choices for most codexes...or fast attack.

    Now, having said that, I am going to be playing Kill Teams with my current Chaos Troops...so Plague Marines. Then again, I am using it as motivation to paint and not for the Killiness of it.

  2. I ran your Chosen team against the Space Marine equivalent of your terminator team. Basically, my friend forgot to bring his own minis and used my Salamander 5 man Assault Terminator squad. Should have a bat report up soon about that one!

    Hope you feel better!

  3. While I think the elite (and Elite) style of play can work and work well, I don't think there's anything wrong with Troops or hordes. A number of books have basic troops that are pretty good, and with a lot of cover available you can minimize one of the main weaknesses of most hordes, namely lousy armor saves, and with more models on the field you can make the law of averages fight in your corner. An elite force can get screwed by a few bad rolls that kill a few guys off, where a horde will just shrug and pile on more. Another corollary weakness of hordes, getting a bunch killed at once in CC either through direct kills and combat resolution, is mitigated too. Avoid multiple assaults, let their elite kill machine squish one guy, then light him up.

    Whether or not to take special weapons and upgrades or not IMO largely depends on what your group decides in regards to taking vehicles and how they work. If you're not going to see a dread, less reason to take a meltagun.

    Something like Kroot are IMO great. Cheap, decent BS and a bolter-equivalent, good WS/S and attacks via the rifle. With plentiful cover they can hunker down and plink if needed. With no time limit, they don't have to expose themselves needlessly. Their morale only matters once you plow through half of them, instead of seeing a dozen run down by a single assault marine or getting pinned. In 200 points you can take like 28 of these guys, or if you prefer, fewer and back them up with a crisis suit or some stealths.

    For a more elite but still Troops-based list, something like a Noise Marine squad could be good. Ten stock NM gives you a good body of I5 CSM, kitted out pretty well off the shelf. If you want to fancy them up and are worried about things like termies, you could try eight including champ with PW, and two sonic blasters. Furious Charge on champ for S5/I6 charges, Relentless on one sonic blaster for being able to use heavy mode on the move, and maybe stealth on the over so he can sit snugly in overwatch.

  4. I agree with Son of Taurus on the Kroot as a merc unit. A Shaper (Furious charge), 2 krootox (relentless & Slow & Purposeful) & fill in the rest with some grunts. As an added bonus, there's none of those pesky Tau around to interfere with the post game feast!

    I was also thinking of 2 penal legion squads backed up by a sentinel with multi-laser & smoke launcher For the IG. Give the over seers Furious charge & fleet, and tank hunter to the sentinel, and to avoid confusion, only make 1 roll for the 2 penal units as they'll be all mixed together. As a whole they're not elite, rather a completely disposable 'forelorn hope' unit.

  5. Thanks for the comments and feedback.

    Mags, I completely understand.

    Counterfett, I look forward to it!

    Sons and Chief, I agree and disagree with you both. I will post a detailed explanation in tomorrows Kill Team topic.


  6. I'm not sure about the sniper rifle - nice, but it doesn't get the pinning, so it's a bit overpriced.

    I would go with 2 IG veteran squads, 6 grenade launchers, 2 bolt pistols, heavy bolter (relentless), missile launcher (slow and purposeful)... not sure about the third choice of USR

    Or 8 Sternguard (relentless, slow and purposeful, FNP)