Sunday, August 8, 2010

Killzone Errata: Tyranids

This errata is surprisingly short, I am sure I missed something.

These are the initial changes to the three 5th edition Tyranid list for Killzone.

Disregard the Instinctive Behavior rules for games of Killzone.

Horamgaunts may move an additional 2 inches when running in clear terrain. (This is to offset the extra advantage they usually benefit from with their Bounding Leap special rule.)

The Lictor and Ygmarl Genestealers have following changes.

If the scenario does not allow reserves replace these units special deployment rules with scout and infiltrate. If the scenario does allow reserves they use their normal rules.

If I missed anything you can think of, please let me know.

Also here is an FYI for you guys, I have posted pictures of my Space Wolf Spec Ops Group over on the Space Wolves Grey blog. So why don't you head on over an let me know what you think!


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