Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Killzone: new force design idea and a change to Scenario Objectives

Thanks to War009, I have come up with the following changes to the force building rules. This should allow you a little more freedom creating a theme for your teams.

These restrictions remain in place as written in the Team Building post.

A team may contain no more than two models with 2+ armor saves.

A team may contain no more than two models with Jump Packs.

A team may contain no more than two bike, jetbike or cavalry/beast models.

The proceeding restrictions can be lifted by purchasing the appropriate Theme upgrade listed below.

Armored Might: This theme allows you to take as many models with 2+ Armor saves in your team as you desire. You may select this theme for 25 points.

Death From Above: This theme allows you to take as many models with Jump Packs in your team as you desire. You may select this theme for 25 points.

Swift As The Wind: This theme allows you to take as many models that are Bikes, Jetbikes or Cavalry/Beasts in your team as you desire. You may select this theme for 25 points.

Due to the increased speed that forces may take with these themes I feel that a change in when scenario objectives can end the game is paramount. I will address these in the currently posted Scenarios and the others that will be posted soon.

Objectives held uncontested after turn 5, may trigger the end of the game at the beginning of the controlling players turn.

It is a small change but it will help balance things for the mostly foot themed forces.

Thoughts, questions, comments?


  1. Great use of feedback!
    I like this concept as it allows a player to field the army that they really want; however, it will cost them a little something. At the low points limit of a Killzone Game 25 point actually means something (a marine and almost a scout).
    This is good job.
    I really am liking the fleshing out of these rules...makes me miss Necromunda

  2. Thanks Mags, if they go too far it could also limit their ability to complete missions. Like destroying or repairing the Sentry Relays in Scenario two; it may only be done by infantry models.


  3. That creates a nice twist for the army builds and as you stated so missions can not be completed by the models not consider infantry. I like what you did.

  4. 1/8 of your total points seems so restrictive that no-one would want to do it. Especially if a number of scenarios could not be completed by an all-X army (requires infantry for instance).

    If I decided to do Ravenwing, and put everyone on bikes, and we rolled the Sentry Relays scenario, then not only did I pay 25 points to take my all Ravenwing force, but now I can only win by tabling my opponent, if I understand correctly.

    I like the idea, but I'm just wondering if the cost is so prohibitive that no one will ever exercise the option.

  5. Like the new restictions and the themes.

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    War009, thanks for the idea.

    FalconGK81, I understand what you are saying, and the rule may change after some playtesting. I do think that a player should actually have to pay for a specialty; if it is too cheap it becomes a no brainer, but the way I did it makes you have to consider the option carefully.

    An easy way around the objective situation is to play using a full Spec Ops Group with two Teams. Make one Bike-centric and one focused on infantry. This could give you a full 500 points of models to work with, although the game will take a bit longer.

    Keep the feedback coming!




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