Monday, August 23, 2010

Talking Killzone on the Imperial Vox Cast

I will be on the live recording of the Imperial Vox Cast sometime after 8:00PM PST tonight. The guys have been running some Killzone games and I will be on the show via Skype. I will give information on the status of the project and talk about the great team I have assembled to make this a great set of 40k Skirmish rules.

So if you have the time come check it out on the live show otherwise it will be up in the episode 33 podcast later this week.



  1. :)continuing to pimp your stuff on podcasts, awesome....

  2. Hey Jim,

    I gave Killzone a favorable review on Rules Manufactorum. If you get a second take a look at it and tell what you think:

    Glad to see Master Bryss on the Killzone team - he's got a good game design head on his shoulders.

  3. Congrats on the continuation of the Big Jim Tour. :-)

  4. Hi Jim. The killzone rules are a hell of a lot of fun. Just a note about the Crack Shot rule- I think it needs to be stated that the re-rolls are intended for the shooting phase, unless you intend them to be for the assault phase as well.

  5. Thanks guys, Herald the crack shot rule has been addressed as have many other little things.

    The next update will be much more refined.


  6. Sounds great, Jim. I'm still waiting for your impressions of my Space Marine fandex. I've been looking forward to your opinion.

  7. Dude, I apologize, I have been swamped with the Killzone rules committee.

    I promise to look over it and give you my feedback tomorrow or Saturday.


  8. Many thanks! And no need to apologize. Priorities are priorities. The Killzone rules are too cool and fun to deny them the consideration they need.



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