Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mini-dex update info 1/23/10

Hey guys, sorry the January update is running a bit late. Here is a list of some of the Changes that will go into the update, I'll be posting on Monday.

(In addition to the Wargear listed on pages 81-88 of the Codex Chaos Space Marines)

Demo Pack: They may be relatively small and compact, demo packs are extremely destructive. Usually used to breach the wall of enemy fortifications, they are also fantastic against enemy armor.

Warp Conductor: The Psychic Hoods that the Apostles of Malevolence possessed during the Great Crusade have been long since discarded as they had fallen into disrepair. Leaving the forces of the Soul Reapers vulnerable to the psychic powers of their foes. This has been the case until recently, on Ehdan the Dark Mechanicus uncovered an ancient STC for a warp conductor. It was used as a dampening field to keep warp fiends from being able to manifest. The Dark Mechanicus have reworked the design to fit into the mounts for the old Psychic Hoods.

An Apostle that possesses a Warp Conductor may nullify any psychic power on a 4+ that is used within 12 inches of the Apostle. Additionally if a 1 is rolled as a result, the Sorcerer suffers a S7, AP2 attack.

Psychic Powers

All Apostles of Malevolence may use one psychic power a turn. The only exception is if they have been upgraded to a Master of Sorcery, and then the Apostle may attempt to use two powers a turn. All psychic powers are used following the rules given in the Warhammer 40,000 BRB.

Apostles of Malevolence may choose from the following Powers found on page 88 of the Chaos Space Marine Codex:

Warp Time
Wind of Chaos
Gift of Chaos

Chains of Torment: The Apostle creates small warp rifts under his foes, launching ethereal chains that rend flesh to the bone in an attempt to drag the targets into the warp.

Chains of torment is a shooting attack that may target any non-vehicle unit, with the following profile:

Range 18, Strength 6, AP 5, Type: Assault D6+1, Pinning

Added to the HQ section of the CSM codex replacing the Sorcerer entry on Page 93.

Apostle of Malevolence
Same stats and options as the Chaos Sorcerer minus the Marks of Chaos, with the following additions.
Upgrade options:
Master of Sorcery: 20 points
Warp Conductor: 15 points

Psychic power: Chains of Torment 25 points

We are still debating the addition of Chaos Cultists, but may add them to at least get your take on the idea.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soul Reapers project update 1/17/10

While I am finishing up my Wargaming through the year’s retrospective, I figured I’d give a quick update on decisions made about the Soul Reapers Mini-dex project.

First up is that ‘We’ as in my gaming group has decided that I should not put up the final product until after the Blood Angels codex is released. This is so we can make sure that the points of the Soul Reapers are appropriate. So this puts the finalized Mini-dex up in early May.

Right now we are not charging for the Fear is for the Weak special rule, but when I do the January update this coming week we will be adding one point increase per model in the army that gets access to the rule. This is relenting to feedback from codex Marine opponents.

Second up on the plate, we will be replacing the Sorcerer entry in the Codex CSM with an Apostle of Malevolence entry with a few new powers and options.

Thirdly, Xusia will be getting a couple of slight tweaks.

The fourth item in the hopper is the return of the 3.5 Chart for Chaos Dread Crazed results.

Fifth, Zombies go to an Apocalypse Data sheet and Heretics/Cultists make a return to the project.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Soul Reapers Playtest Feedback 1/04

Three weeks in and I have 10 playtesters from around the globe giving the Soul Reapers a thorough shake down. Thanks to all of you actively playtesting the Mini-dex, I appreciate the feedback.

So far the Icons playtest favorite is the Icon of Eternal War. Although about half of the playtesters would prefer that it was just the Feel no Pain rule as written in the MRB.

Apparently there is a bit of an uproar from Loyalist Marine players over the addition of Fear is for the Weak at no cost. Oddly over the ability to regroup if under 50%. The suggestion so far is to add two points per model for the rule. I have trepidation about doing this for the reasons I have explained in the previous posts. I may relent in the PDF update on the 15th, but if I do it will probably only be a one point increase.

In the Jan 15th update we will be adding the Rage Zombies to the playtest list. We will be adding an updated Chaos Dread Crazed Chart. We may also be changing the Sorcerer HQ entry to an Apostle of Malevolence entry with a few new Psychic powers added in.

We have also decided to extend playtesting through March, with the final product being released at the end of April. Between the 6 months of closed playtesting from our group and this 3-month open playtest will give a total of 9 months of playtesting total.

Keep sending in the great feedback guys!


PS: Menzies is still cranking out great Artwork for the finished Mini-dex.

He has also started his own Blog for the 512th Cadian: the Harakoni Warhawks. So please go check it out and give him a warm welcome to the Bloggoshpere!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Modeling Xusia the Sorcerer: part 1 Mock-up

Here is a quick mock-up WIP for the Soul reapers SC Xusia. There is still tons to be done; he's going to have a broad belt like the ones you see on Space Wolves, a flowing cape and I've got a couple of nifty ideas for the exhausts on his powerpack.

So far I have used parts from a Dark Angels sgt, WFB warriors of Chaos, Khorne Zerkers, basic CSM's, the Chaos Lord and the Staff head comes from Sauron from the LotR range.


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