Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soul Reapers Errata 7-15-10 and PDF update

A few things have been brought to my attention from the astute reading of the Playtesters. These were mostly oversights due to having two working docs for the mini-dex.

1) Xusia is wearing Chaos Armor; it was listed correctly in the army list section but not in the Warriors section. Xusia should also be listed as having access to all the Soul Reapers psychic powers.

2) Eris the Seeker is wearing Chaos Armor and is carrying a Chaos Rune Weapon.

3) The Cohort Tactics rule for Eris grants all Biker squads the Scout and Skilled rider USR’s for 10 points. Bike squads with Infernal Assault bikes may not make scout moves, but may still outflank. (Was missing the scout rule)

4) Added the heavy bolter upgrade option for tanks back to page 31. (Was forgotten)

5) Changed the options in the Chaos Speeders entry on page 33 to the following:


· Replace Heavy Bolter with:

  • Heavy Flamer for Free

· One may replace the Heavy Bolter with:

  • Multi-melta……………….10pts

· May upgrade to a Tornado pattern:

  • Heavy Flamer…………….10pts
  • Heavy Bolter………………10pts
  • Reaper Autocannon………20pts

6) Titus the Butcher is wearing Chaos Armor

7) The Reaver Marine entry has been changed. The unit no longer comes with Melta bombs as standard wargear, they are now an upgrade option. (this has been suggested over and over again by the playtesters)

I have also updated the PDF to show these fixes. So you can either print the errata out or download the new PDF.

Thank you for your continued support.



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