Saturday, February 25, 2012

BAO Narrative event house rules

I have created a few house rules due to the density of terrain that will be used on the table for the event. These 5 intuitive rules are simple fixes and clarifications to help keep the game flowing in a cinematic way.

1)      Vehicles immobilized by terrain are not permanently immobilized. They are instead referred to as Bogged Down. A bogged down vehicle may remobilize at the start of any of its turns by rolling a 4+ on a D6. They may function as normal from that point on.
2)      Dangerous Terrain checks usually remove a model if they roll a 1 on the D6 test. In this event if the model fails the dangerous terrain test it is only removed if the model fails its saving throw (Armor or Invulnerable). Feel No Pain may not be used to save a model from a failed save in this case.
3)      Buildings: You may only enter a building if the wall facing you has a door or window. Passing through a door is normal movement; moving through a window requires a difficult terrain check.
4)      Building Ruins: are counted as area terrain as usual, but infantry may not pass through walls that do not have a door or window. Vehicles may pass through all ruin walls.
5)      Building Levels: moving between levels up or down counts as 3 inches of movement for all buildings.

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