Thursday, February 16, 2012

Terrain WIP for the Bay Area Open Narrative event.

So the battle on Delis is raging over three distinct battlezones. These are two buildings we are working on for the Desert city battlezone. For inspiration we have looked too the modern middle east, ancient Egypt and everyone's favorite "retched hive of scum and villainy" Mos Eisley.

We have also decided to do something I rarely if ever see on a 40k tabletop. At least half of the buildings on the table will be intact with little to no battle damage on them; while the other half will be divided between ruins and battle damaged buildings.

As you can see they are not finished yet, but are shaping up nicely. Over the next few days I will walk you through the completion of these buildings. We will be adding pipes, cables, more trim and other interesting little details to these before they are textured then painted.

We do have about 6 finished buildings already, but no pics until right before the event. I know I am a tease!


  1. Will the complete buildings have removable tops to allow squads to be put inside?

  2. Yes, all roofs are removable, otherwise intact buildings would not work.

  3. Great idea. All those ruined gothic buildings get a bit rtedious after a while.

  4. I concur, the different look is a nice change of pace.



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