Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Killzone insight: Killzone Evolution

This started off as a response to comments on the last post, but got so long I think it warrants its own post.

The rules will not be totally from scratch although they will not be standard 40k or Killzone for that matter. The alternating turns, removal of cover saves and re-institution of to hit modifiers assures that.

I am not waiting on 6th to start or release them; I am simply waiting until they are in a playable state, that I am happy with. The 6th ed update of the regular game may slow down the process also; because I want that done from a design standpoint by November.

It will be a lot of work and the not compromise comment is about my vision of the game. I will be totally open to opinions, but let’s look at the compromises I made with the original Killzone:

We removed Priority, it did work fine in that it caused tactical tension on the tabletop, but people seemed to be able to wrap their heads around it. It was the hardest thing to balance since you really had to plan ahead your moves

I wanted to remove cover saves and return to a to hit modifiers mechanic, I also wanted to add a stand and shoot or fallback reaction to being assaulted, but the gnashing of teeth on both these ideas within the initial volunteers was so against the idea they did not ever make a playtesting document.

Now to be honest I set out to create an in-depth skirmish system for 40k, but I listened to the community and they wanted a version that they could run events or tournaments with; that was easy to transition into from standard 40k. The initial version was an ok starting point, but it was not until this last update in which Vlad and Joe helped “trim the fat” from the system that it really works for the goal of an events set of rules. It is a really good system, I am really proud of where the game is now.

All I am doing now is generating “Buzz” for the advanced version of the game. I just realized how bad it sounds calling the versions basic and advanced is. So let’s call them Special Operations Killzone and Killzone Evolution, hopefully this will help keep the two versions distinct without sounding elitist.

Think of it this way; SO Killzone is a points based game, that strives for balanced non-abusive game play that is compatible with the way people currently play 40K and that KZ Evolution is going to be a story driven more intuitive way of playing in the 40K universe; that will rely on participants to play within the “Spirit” of the game to keep abuses from occurring.


  1. it's a source of great dissapointment to me that work got on top of me and made me pullback from my initial "sticking my oar in" on SO:KZ, but I'll be honest jim what you outline here was more what I had in mind initially, and I think it's good that you're getting back that way.

    dont get me wrong KZ is great, but what I always wanted from a skirmish game has more to do with Inq and necromunda than it does with lower points 40k.

    it still makes me very happy to see that logo popping up all over the shop tho :)

    good luck with yet another rules system ...and if theres anyway I can help out, as always if i can, i will :)

  2. Hey matey,
    Life happens! Your input and hard work from the initial days is still valued to me!

    I do agree SO Killzone is fantastic! I really enjoy playing it too!

    I had from the start always intended to make a more Necromunda/Inquisitor style in-depth version and it is time to follow through with that vision.

    Keep the faith Broseph!