Monday, February 13, 2012

Killzone Public Service Announcement

There seems to be a wee bit of tension as I have been sharing tidbits of information about the "Advanced" version of Killzone on the Facebook page. I want to put this out here now, so y'all know what you might or might not like in the advanced game.

I have with the gracious help of others gotten "basic" killzone to a place of glory, thanks guys! During the process I made a lot of compromises (from my original vision over a year and a half ago) for playability and to curb possible abuses; that said I am completely satisfied with the contents of the basic game. I have really enjoyed making a game that appeals to a large portion of the 40k community. It will remain in its current incarnation until 6th edition 40k comes along.

The "Advanced" game will not make many compromises and will rely on players to police themselves and keep the spirit of the game alive. It will be all about cinematic battles set in a narrative theme. Teams more than likely will be built in a different and new way. Think more customization, including the possibility of getting better with every game they survive.

The turn sequence will be changing to allow for a more interactive cinematic play style, the following are the top contenders:

Player A moves, Player B moves, Player A shoots, Player be shoots, Player A makes assault moves, Player B makes assault moves, then fight assault.

Or Player A moves, shoots and assaults with a unit/model, then player B does the same; Alternating until all models have done their turn.

Speaking of the cinematic I am really thinking of all sorts of interesting concepts right now. How Kool would it be to blow the bike/mount right out from under the rider, or being able to dismount to preform a special task!?!

How about some interesting new rules to allow you to rock full auto with some of the basic weapons!?!

Maybe a random events chart or some cards to facilitate the same thing: draw a card or roll them dice and hope you don't disturb the sleeping Ambul in those ruins.

The more my buddies and I think and talk about the "Advanced" version of Killzone the more it seems it may end up being a real homage to 40k Rogue Trader. Which is fitting since the 25th Anniversary is approaching fast. Adding in a game master could really help make the random events into a real treat for the players. The game could totally work without one if the players strive to play in the spirit in which the game is written.

The advanced game is not necessarily going to be aimed at totally balanced game play. It will be more about the cinematic story of the game not the nuts and bolts of the rules.

This system will be focus on building your team up over multiple games and campaign play.

The current mission system will not be used and will see a return to the scenario system of the original; obviously with many tweaks. Don't get me wrong I like the way the current mission system works, but would rather give a good baseline of scenarios and let the imagination of the players create their own unique ones then run with them.

There will probably not be an open source document for this version until I am happy with how it operates through a couple of campaigns. Which means more than likely nothing but teasers and slivers of information here until sometime in late summer. It may be later if 6th is vastly different, due to the update of the basic game.

I think I have rambled enough for now, until next time; upward and onward!



  1. Sounds good to me. Two compatible tiers with one of them staying a community core, but fresh, possibly more natural approaches to play on top. The RT25 connection makes it feel even more right. Why not?

  2. "Or Player A moves, shoots and assaults with a unit/model, then player B does the same; Alternating until all models have done their turn."

    Would be my vote, I like this mechanic from a number of the other skirmish games out there. Yay for more customization and campaign experience!

  3. There's a lot of ideas floating around here in a very raw state. I'm curious to see how this all shakes out.

    From this vantage, I get the impression that you are intending to re-imagine the rules from scratch to a point where it is more-or-less a new game entirely. If so, do you really need to wait for 6th edition?

    One thought, I suspect if you intend to take the "no compromise" approach, you are eventually going to hit a crossroads between soliciting opinions and simply placing "your" game on the table. It's a tricky bit of balancing that. Again, I am genuinely looking forward to seeing your work form into this new iteration.

  4. Thanks for the comments. The new post hopefully clarifies things a bit more.