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2013 Bay Area Open Narrative event: Raid on Persiet V

Hey guys, it's time to announce the info for the next BAO narrative event. Tickets go on sale soon, I believe Friday, but could be wrong.

2013 Bay Area Open Narrative event: Raid on Persiet V

Participants will help decided the fate of an Imperial Hive world and a secret Adeptus Mechaicus base in the Persiet system on the eastern fringe of the galaxy. Will the forces of the Imperium and the allies save the system or will it be subjugated or worse destroyed by the forces of Chaos and their nefarious allies.

Keep your eyes peeled here on GiF and on the Frontline gaming blog for more background as we drive the Narrative right up to the actual event.

The Forces of Order:
Anything Imperial

Forces of Destruction:
Anything Chaos, including traitor IG should the need arise
Dark Eldar
Tyranids (although not present during this fight per the fluff, they will count as warp creatures from the Daemonic incursion.)

Orks are a Neutral force that will be used to balance sides if need be.

Day One: Enter the Killzone

12 Players: 6 Order/6 Disorder

This will be a day of multiple Skirmish games utilizing the Special Operations Killzone set of fan made rules. These missions could be anything like probe the enemy lines for weakness or destroy an enemy communications station.


There will be 6 missions being run simultaneously; each will have a one hour “time limit” that way every player gets to play all on the opposing team. These missions are vital and the outcome of Day one will have bonuses or consequences on Day two.

Special Operations Groups
These will be full two team special operations groups with a max of 500 points, built out of the Killzone Codex Operatives in tandem with the codex for your army of Choice. (Codex Operatives will have the 6th ed list for the Chaos Space Marines updated by 12/15.)

Killzone Downloads

Day Two: Armies Clash

24 Players: 12 Order/12 Disorder

This will be a large team run event (teams determined on the day of the event) fought over three different battle zones. Each table will be able to effect the others through the use of special mission objectives.

Allowed Armies:
Armies can be built from all current 40k codices including the White Dwarf codex for the Sisters of Battle, and may also include or be built to include units or completely using the army lists in the Imperial Armor books. Units and list may only be draw for Imperial Armor books 5-11, IA Areonautica and the IA Apoc books.

With that said all IA units and lists must use the most current listing for the unit, which includes the Errata listed on the Forgeworld site. So for example the Renegades and Heretics list from the Siege of Vraks uses the update on the forgeworld site.  

All armies are built using the following requirements:
2000 points all armies must adhere to the standard Force Organization chart, you may use the double force organization choice if you wish; You may include allies and may include one super heavy vehicle with no more than 3 structure points. You may not purchase Fortifications; some will already be present on each table. I would also appreciate if all players bring a 500 point sideboard list incase the sides end up being lopsided.

 At the beginning of the game each player will draw a strategy card from the decks that I will provide.

At the beginning of the game each player will draw a Fate card from from decks that will be provided. The Fate cards will add to the narrative of the game allowing each commander some special bonus during the game.

Each table will have a special character for each side created and provided by me. They will represent the army commanders of that theater for narrative purposes.  

Both Events are subject to the following:

 All models are expected to be WYSIWYG as much as is reasonable. Proxies are not permitted. However, counts as armies are acceptable and encouraged. What’s the difference? That can be a tough call to make in some cases. Judges will determine what is acceptable or not and all judgments are final. If you feel your army is questionable, contact a TO in advance to clear any confusion.

Proxies: Using Necron Warriors as Lootas in an Ork army, etc.

Counts As: Using Ultra Marines colored models with Blood Angels rules. Using custom Adeptus Mechanicus converted models with Daemon rules. The key is that everything is easily identifiable and appropriately equipped.  

Every army must be painted to a three color minimum and be based. (basing can be as simple as painting your models bases an appropriate color.) We want a great looking event filled with painted models fighting over nice looking terrain.  

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