Sunday, November 4, 2012

2k Chaos Marine Traitor guard list take 2

After having a long chat with my buddy Magilla Gurilla I have made the following changes to the list from yesterday.  While I hate to lose the Terminators (Cause I am a terminator freak) and Land Raider, I think the list has a lot more moxie, than the last one. 

Basically the two HQ's got some useful wargear, I added 6 Nurgle bikers with 2 melta's to replace the Termies. For the Land Raiders cost I gained 16 traitor guard bodies including Marbo, 2 autocannons and 6 flamers. I also dropped the 3rd five man marine squad for 20 cultists and upgraded to a TLLC turret on the Predator. 

In the end the list gained 31 infantry models, which are basically cannon fodder, but they should tie things up long enough for the armor and marines to do what they need too to secure victory.

Chaos Space Marines
HQ (125pts)
Aura of Dark Glory
Total: 125pts

Troops (466pts)
Marine squad Decimus (10) 
Plasma gun, Autocannon, Vets long war
Champion with Chain Axe
Total: 183pts

Marine squad Barbarus (10)
Plasma gun, Autocannon, Vets long war
Champion with Chain Axe
Total: 183pts

Cultist squad Markor (20)
2 Heavy Stubbers
Total: 100pts

Fast Attack (207pts)
Bike squad Agron (6)
2 Melta guns, Vets long war, Mark of Nurgle
Champion with Power weapon
Total: 207pts

Heavy Support (465pts)
Total: 195pts

TLLC, Lascannon Sponsons
Total: 140pts

Siege shield
Total 130pts

Traitor Guard Allies (635pts)
HQ (90pts)
Lord Commissar
Power Weapon, Camo cloak
Total: 90pts

Elite (65pts)
Guardsman Marbo
Total: 65pts

Troops (180pts)
Traitor Guard Platoon
Command squad
4 Flamers
Total: 50pts

Guard squad
Flamer, Autocannon
Total: 65pts

Guard squad
Flamer, Autocannon
Total: 65pts

Fast Attack (130pts)
Total: 130pts

Heavy Support (170pts)
Leman Russ Squadron
1 Battle tank with Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Total: 170pts

Fortification (100pts)
Aegis Defense Line
Quad Gun
Total: 100pts


  1. Have you thought about using sniper rifles in your IG squads. If they are going to be static firing their autocannons might provide a nice bonus. Taking out a nob, a sgt or an icon is always a huge bonus.

  2. Ooh, that is an interesting idea, I may have to try that out!

  3. I have a post going up tomorrow on my blog that uses IG as allies for a slaanesh based CSM list. I went with IG Command Squad and two Platoon Squads all fitted with sniper rifles. The nice thing is that their range is similar enough that they should be able to hit the majority of targets that the autocannons are aiming at; infantry and vehicles alike. If you use enough of them odds are that you are going to start picking off targets of opportunity. The lost of these targets will be significant in levelling the playing field.