Monday, November 12, 2012

I need a little help

I have an idea for a Heldrake conversion to make it fit my idea of a daemonically possessed fighter as opposed to an actual dragon. I just cannot take the stock model seriously in my traitorous heart.

I need a few bitz from the kit pictured above.

So far I have not seen the new chaos models bitzed out. What I am looking for is someone willing to part with a spare set of the following items: Lasher Tendrils and a Ectoplasma head from a Mauler/Forge Fiend kit.

I don't have a desire to pick up or field either of the Fiends in the near future. So I'd be willing to trade or pay for the parts or accept a donation of them.

Thanks for reading my abnormal request.


  1. I've seen plenty of fiend bits on ebay, and have picked up some lasher tendrils myself. Should be easy to get.*&_sacat=44118


  3. Thanks for the links guys, they are very helpful.

  4. No probs, Jim. Sorry I don't have any bits I could send ya, but I hope that one way or another you can get them all :)

  5. I have the lasher tendrils and maouls bits I am not using. PM me on the cutodes forum. I'm Baraccas.