Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bay Area Open Narrative event question for Day 1

Here is a repost of the question I asked yesterday on the Frontline gaming site. Please vote, but only if you plan on attending event.

Hey everyone, we’re gearing up for the BAO 2013, and will have all the pertinent information up by the end of the month. Big Jim, the gentleman who runs the 40K narrative event, has a question about the structure of the event.

Hey Guys,
Jim here your friendly neighborhood narrative event organizer with a question to those interested in Day 1 of the BAO event.
The battles taking place on the first day are probing actions meant to test the enemy lines for weakness. I want to put forth two options for handling these phase of the event.
The first option would be to use the 40k skirmish game that I authored and was run at the past two Adepticons. Special Operations Killzone, is a refinement of the ideas that GW put forth in Killteams. Using Killzone will allow all players on the fist day to square off against all players from the opposing side. This event would use the 2 team format with Operation groups of 500 total points.
Links to the Killzone rules:
Codex Operatives:
Mission/Fate Cards:
The second option would be to run the event as Combat patrol. Using last years Adepticon version as the basis for the rules, with the exception that the armies will have 500 point values.
Please post your preference below; we will collect votes until 18th of this month. Now I leave the choice in your hands.
Please head over to the Frontline Gaming site and make your vice Known!

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