Monday, June 22, 2009

Finished Space Wolves Grey Hunter

Here is the finished Grey Hunter. I decided to go for a forest style basing to go with all my lovely new terrain.


  1. Very nice work man! Well done!
    My only comment is that you should have painted less battle damage on the power fist.

  2. Yes, very nice indeed. =) I especially like how the grey and black go hand in hand on the Powerarmor and how the face is being done. =)

  3. Very nice job.
    nicely weathered armour, good face.

    yep. s'good :)

  4. Thanks, I appreciate the comments.

    Spooky, I went with the idea that the fist would be the most damaged part of the armor because it's constantly being smashed into things.

  5. sounds as good-a-reason as any!!

    He looks great, look forward to the rest!

  6. He looks nice. I especially like all the dents on the powerfist from centuries of beating peoples' faces in. lol

  7. Mmm-mm good. Most excellent battle damage. The face does invoke the angry Viking feel. Nice lettering on the shoulder armour scroll too.

    Looks like your dad's gift settled the basing issue. Anything else your dad is giving away? :D

    If your dad had a model-making blog, I'd follow it. Ultra-cool terrain.

  8. Thanks guys.

    Horatio, if my Dad makes any new terrain I'll try to talk him into chronicling it with pics.


  9. Jim I couldn't agree more with your reasoning... After all, us wolves smash anything that is in our way.

    My comment was because power fists are covered by an energy field that destroys anything it comes into contact, but also protects the power fist.
    In any case the model looks great!!



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