Thursday, June 18, 2009

Space Wolves audio book

Nick Kyme is working on a Space Wolves audio book called Thunder from Fenris. Here's the skinny from his blog.

"I’ve just listened to the final sound effects and music edit (version three) of Thunder from Fenris. I am very pleased with how this has come out. It’s sounds great. Though I am starting to become aware that not many folks seem to know about it, so if you could spread the word, I’d totally appreciate it. :-) It’s an audio book; it’s Space Wolves versus Plague Zombies (yep, you heard right) and it’s pre-released at Games Day and then in GW stores a few weeks later (and on-line, of course). That’s about all I can tell you without the BL inquisitors hauling my arse in for ‘questioning’."

Here is some info on the recording.

"Just by way of a little insight, the actual recording day was around eight hours - roughly 9am-5pm - and generally consists of the writer (me, in this case) and editor (that’ll be Christian) sat in the directorial suite with script in hand, listening to the actor go through his lines and weave his magic over the microphone with director and sound engineer guiding and monitoring proceedings respectively.

It’s a team effort and, as always, we were surrounded by total pros.

Toby Longworth (who folks will hear voicing James Swallow’s excellent Heart of Rage in the not-too-distant future) really delivered for us (and me, I suppose) again with a stellar performance. He had three Space Wolves to nail and he had them down from minute one. Three very different characters; three very distinctive but wonderfully rendered and wholly apt voices. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Easter egg - check out a character called Thorgard in the production and see if you can tell where Toby drew his inspiration from. Great stuff.

I’m hoping fans will love Thunder from Fenris as much as I did writing it, and will get the same level of enjoyment I did from hearing it immortalised into audio. I’ve yet to hear the music and fx edit (we recorded the rushes on the day, and another sound engineer will now be set to work adding atmospheric music, bolters, zombie noises and so on, and generally cutting the whole thing together)."

Sounds good to me!

1 comment:

  1. I saw this pop up on Google last month.
    Audio books are a weird direction for GW to go in, but I'd love to listen to this stuff on my way to and from work in the car.

    ...although I may be inclined to TANK SHOCK people crossing the road :P



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