Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Grey Hunter painting update

Here is the Grey Hunter with the fist about half finished. The Grey has only the first highlight applied.

I'm really happy with how good the Space Wolves Night Runner badge looks painted!


  1. Wow, nice badge indeed.

    and a stunning job so far. I am always envious of people who can acheive such a neat job, I'm way to slapdash and haphazard in the way my paint goes on, so people with your level of control make me jealous.

    Be nice to see him finished

  2. The badge came out really nicely. I'm still waiting for the right opportunity to try out that trick you gave me.

  3. Looking very awesome. I must try and do myself one of those badges

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback. Last night I finished his head and bolter; I should have his armor done tonight.

    I'm still unsure with what I'm gonna do with the bases. All I know for certain is that snow basing is out. Maybe I'll do a couple of separate bases with terrain on them and see what you guys think.

  5. I guess for basing i'd ask what tables you play on most often?

    I've got an ash wastes type table and am working on some cityfight stuff, so most of my bases go for a dull grey/brown with the odd bit of static grass or rubble.

    I know its not the most exciting in the world but its good on my table and it dosent look too out of place on others.

    for characters I often throw in a larger chunk of scenery. but at the end of the day If i had a desert table, i'd do desert bases

  6. That looks absolutely fantastic even though it's PIP. I really like the beard. And the badge is awwwwwwwesome. As for basing ideas, I agree with Karitas.

  7. That badge is amazing, home made? Very nice work, inspiring me as I break out my ancient Wolves...



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