Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Space Wolf Update

Here are the first 5 Grey Hunters these will be part of my first Razorback pack.. All of my Grey Hunters will be wearing Mk 4 and Mk 6 armor.The second Hunter from the right still needs the toes of his boots GS'd; they are going to be the striped toes that were prevalent during the RT days. I should have the 6th Hunter wearing Mk 4 armor done tonight. Tomorrow I'll be adding the Night Runner badge to them as the mold should be fully cured now.

Here is an update on the Ven Dread. I decided to give the red DCCW a go and I really do like it. Red is the main contrasting color to my PA Wolves so the Dread need some too.

Skeld also is getting a new weapons option; the often underestimated twin linked Autocannon. This conversion is completely inspired by Grey Death of Paint Corps and Dakka fame.


  1. Love those Grey hunters, thier sergeant is particularly dynamic.

    i also always approve of marines laded down wth kit, i think it looks much more authentic, i look forward to seeing these with some paint on!

  2. Holy shit dude, you have been busy!

    I may have to 'borrow' that Venerable Dreadnought conversion :D

    I've just started major work on my Space Wolves too. Had fun converting the Black Reach Dreadnoughts


    PS: Fancy doing a link swap from blog to blog?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Adam, that's a great idea! I added you to my groups feel free to link to me too.

    I am probably gonna give all of my Dreads a Kool sarcophagus similar to this. Because I've decided that the normal ones are too boring after seeing how this one turned out.

  4. How you turned the regular dred into a mkIV is out of this world.
    Great stuff



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