Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Space Wolf Scouts

You either love 'em or hate 'em, but I've gotta have some for my Space Wolves army. I have always been fond of the Wolf Scout SGT's from second edition. I don't think GW has ever matched their uniqueness in any scout models since. Here are two of them I have from my old Wolf army.

There are a few ways I could accomplish a similar style scout. Fist up I could butcher the existing plastic scouts, but it would be hard to use the 20 Wolf Scout packs I've got. Second is the Prophet miniatures method seen here. This method requires a lot of bits from different kits, but I do have most of them in my bits box.

Which option would you use if you were gonna convert your own scouts?


  1. Funny you should ask this, my IST's (which are based on the plastic scouts) are getting a lot of "looks like space wolves" comments.

    hop over and take a look. theres a good bit of GS but also the marauder horsemen heads, and various empire heads from warhammer fantasy have lent a certain "beardy" look to my guys.

    while those prophet minis are awesome, i always feel that if your scouts are based on marines you'd better be upscalng your marines, otherwise there isnt enough differentiation for me between the two.

    so yeah, long story short thats what i'd do, find interesting heads and bits and set upon the plastic scouts with the GS :)

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    Karitas, it's the beards on your IST's that make people say they look like wolves. They are quite nifty lookin'.

    There would be no need to upscale the marines to use the Prophet method, cause Wolf Scouts are fully enhanced unlike the other loyalist scouts. So they would be full sized marines.

    I'll more than likely use modified Marauder horsemen heads for the Wolf Scouts.

  3. The second edition space wolf scouts sergeants that you show in your picture were sculpted by Jess Goodwin and are really great models. Too bad he only ever made three models.

    Still if I was doing space wolves I'd use the Jess models. Just do some head and weapons swaps to mix up the unit.

    -the Goat

  4. Yeah, Jess is my favorite sculpter! I cannot wait to see what he does with the Dark Eldar!

    I think it would be great tribute to convert and build scaouts in this style, which is what I'll hope to accomplish.


  5. Of course!

    I was forgetting my fluff, that's how the wolves work, specialists or marines who's pack has died. doh!

    in which case, go for it with the prophet method, cos they do look awesome. :)

  6. Now that you've mentioned it, Karita's ISTs do bear a certain resemblance to Wolf Scouts. :) I vote for the Prophet method as well, although I do believe that the final product will definitely bear your own distinctive Jim-style flavour.



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