Friday, September 24, 2010

Behold the Testudo pattern Rhino pre-bronzing

I finally managed to finish this conversion. It was started 4 months ago, but I was suffering from a little burn out, so it got shelved. The Testudo is the up-armored Rhino transport for the Soul Reapers crazed Reaver assault marines.

With the upcoming challenge games, I decided that the poxying of the Testudo would be bad form.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Between the extensive front armored plates and the over-sized dozer blade it definitely looks the part.

I'll be busting out the airbrush this weekend to give it a lick of paint.


  1. Awesome job! It really captures the feeling of the Testudo superbly!

  2. It's rad. The front view especially. Anyone who saw that coming would pee their pants.

  3. Looks good my friend. To bad I am going to have to blow it up in the name of the Emperor! :-)

  4. That's the meanest looking Rhino I've ever seen.

    Behold my TWO S4 shots! lol.

  5. Its really nice Jim, in an evil way. Do you have a conversion guide. I would love to know how you achieved the single turret top.

  6. I am simply speechless. The front of this Rhino looks intimidating as hell - almost like a Deff Rolla Battlewagon. Almost. ;) Can't wait to see it painted.

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys, I appreciate them greatly.

    Mags, while it is true that you LC Razorspam will prolly kill the Testudo, but I didn't plan on it making it through the game.

    Old School, the Testudo started off as an Immolator box; I squared off the peaked view ports and took the SOB icon off the rear top hatch.

    I cut off the upper part of the gunners hatch mount from the Immolator, as you cannot mount a marine from it. The I just mounted the Chaos gunners hatch right on top of the cut piece. You must do this because the hole for this hatch mount it huge, way bigger than a standard hatch.

    I cut the vision port mounts off the front panel then added a piece of plasticard to increase the plate thickness; then finally added the RT era rhino front panel on top of that.

    The extra armored plates on the track guards are plasticard cut to fit with bolts made from plastic rod.

    The dozer blade is a cut down siege shield left over from my Vindicator kit.

    That is the basic breakdown of parts.


  8. Thats one sweet sweet dozer blade my friend. I would personally love a tutorial on making a siege shield/dozer blade with plasticard or something. I hate the though of half of my armor looking naked.