Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soul Reapers Challenge list

I have decided on my 2000 point list for the Challenge games. It was tough to create a list that gives enough Soul Reapers flavor yet remains quasi competitive. The list is far from optimized, but it'll be a hoot to play with.

I decided to use the Soul Reapers Possessed and the Harbinger of Malice as there is no way that I will finish the conversions for the pair of Mauler Preds I wanted to use.

I intend to do no proxy's in these games which is what I have been doing for the preds. Another thing that may happen in the game as much as it pains me, it that I may not have everything fully painted and based; as I am starting a new job this week. I am working feverishly to get things done this weekend, but it just may not happen. I've still got a crap load of bases to rebuild.

For HQ's I went for the one two punch of Titus and Xusia. This will also allow me to have access to most of the Soul Reapers psychic powers.

HQ (385pts)

Titus the Butcher 165

Xusia 220

Elites (420pts)

1 Harbinger of Malice 70
Plasma pistol, power weapon

3 Terminators 125
2 combi-melta and Reaper Autocannon

5 Soul Reapers Possessed 225

Troops (814pts)

8 Chosen Marines 272
2 melta guns, 1 flamer, 1 power weapon and personal icon, cohort tactics bonus +10pts
Aspiring Champion with Lightning claws

8 Reaver Marines 264
Heavy Flamer, Melta gun and personal icon
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Testudo Rhino

8 Chaos Space Marines 218
2 melta guns and personal icon
Aspiring Champion with power fist

5 Lesser Daemons 65

Fast Attack (228pts)

5 Soul Reaper Bikers 228
2 Melta guns, Infernal Bike, champ with power fist

Heavy Support (150pts)

2 Obliterators 150

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