Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Infernal Assault Bike finally makes an appearance

After months and months of proxying I have finally finished the Infernal Assault Bike conversion. I had passed it off to my buddy to make the roll bar on the front of the sidecar but he just never got around to it. He is a single dad so it's understandable.

I decided that the Soul Reaper mini-dex challenge games would have no proxies so I got the kit back and did it myself. I am quite pleased with the end result! So much so that I may make a second go at having these as a unit choice of their own.


  1. Stunning conversion. Tremendous.
    To me, this screams Road Warrior.

  2. Drats you stole my Comment B.Smoove.
    Great conversion my friend. Really looks unique and just oozes evil.

  3. Looks great! The sidecar rider is excellent.

    Don't know if I'd really trust forward firing flamers on a bike, but that's a general CSM bike issue.

  4. Awesome -- great work! I love the pose of the side car rider!

  5. Brilliant stuff Jim, love the whole concept and execution! how did you make the roll bar?

  6. nice conversion, something i never considered! :)

    that roll bar looks like lego to me!

  7. Can hear Stepenwolf's Born to be Wild that people try to sing.

    What can I say apart from the flamers looks cool.
    I would of gone for melta guns or plasma guns.

  8. Thanks for all the great feedback guys!

    B.smoove, the Road Warrior is where the idea kinda came from. Also the chariot races that the Gladiators of ancient Rome inspired it too.

    Being as the Soul Reapers core are the remnants of the World Eaters 17th Great Company. So it definitely reflects to their Techno-Gladiator background.

    I can imagine a bunch of Techno-Gladiators racing on these beasties fighting to the death.

    Sons and Dee, the flamers are meant to reinforce the assault aspect of the bike. It could be tricky to use effectively in the real world, but this is 40k the height of Sci-Fantasy.

    Munky, the roll bar is made out of plastic rod with lead floral wire fed through it to help it hold the form.

  9. I LOVE this conversion! It is the s^*t!

  10. Wow, totally wicked, totally custom. That's a conversion to be proud of, mate.

  11. I'd feel terribad destroying this thing on the tabletop. Wicked conversion, Big Jim!

  12. That is just excellent. What is it going to be fielded as?

  13. Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated!

    Hal'jin, the Infernal Assault bike is a Chaos bike squad upgrade in the current version of my Soul Reapers Chaos Marines Fan made codex/supplement.

    Although it has been pointed out that it could used as a counts as Thunderwolf Lord.

  14. I see a resin head I sent yas.

  15. Yes Dee, you are correct, in fact I love the heads so much I ordered two more upgrade kits from FW.

    Thanks again!



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