Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flying Gauntlets: be careful what you wish for!

So my simian friend Mags, has thrown down the Gauntlet just begging to be another victim of the Soul Reapers reign of Terror! Carl from the Independent Characters Podcast has been chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action too.

I am feverishly building bases to remount the army for these challenges!

The question is which of the great champions of the Soul Reapers will lead the army on the field of battle!

The Warlord?
Xusia and his sorcerers powers?
The Butcher and his mighty cohort?
The Seeker and his Bikes of fury?
The Raptor and his swift moving death force?

All are solid choices, but which will best represent the Soul Reapers? Only time will tell.

I also need to give proper representation of the Uniqueness of the Warband. There are a bunch on new units I'd like to spotlight in these one off games. It's gonna take some thought to balance the army correctly and give it a proper symmetry.

Units that must make it in for sure are:

The Reaver assault troops and their groovy Testudo Rhino
A bike squadron with an Infernal Harvester
Mauler Predator
Gore Daemons

No matter what I choose it should be a couple of great fun games; Challenge Accepted!

It's on like Donkey Kong!

You can expect some Soul Reapers coverage to resume over the next couple of weeks!

Until the next!


  1. Take Vorenous the Raptor. Not only is he the coolest character in your book. He might be the coolest character in any book. Ever.

    Achilles got nothing on a Daemon with a jetpack.

  2. Huzzah!
    Oh wait, can a Gurilla even wear a gauntlet?
    Can not wait, less that two weeks!

  3. Hahaha! The game is definitely a foot!

    Counterfett; of course you pic the one SC I have not finished yet! :P

    I am thinking the Butcher may need and outing!

    Carl, we will coordinate a date soon!

    Mags, you may not be able to wear the sucker but you could definitely throw it!


  4. Well of course. Tell me that you don't want to build one from that shiny new plastic daemon prince kit out there.