Friday, September 3, 2010

Killzone: Eldar Team modeling

I have been swamped with the finishing touches for the Killzone Beta release, but have found a little time to rummage through my old fig cases looking for treasures to use for my unique teams.

B.smoove has inspired me with his Rogue Trader era Marine Team, I just could not resist the urge to do something similar myself. In the spirit of Old School miniatures used for Killzone. I present the first batch of pre-stripped miniatures for my Eldar SOG for Killzone. These are all 2nd ed from the mid nineties and the left overs from an army I gave to a friend.

I will be repainting these over the next few weeks. I will probably stick with my non-standard color schemes on the Dragons and Scorps. I really love the green Dragons!

So stay tuned!

Until the next!


  1. The green suits the dragons so well. I look forward to seeing how you update them.

  2. The red striking scorpions are my favourite - a much better colour than the regular green. In fact, they could almost be Khorne foot soldiers...!

  3. Agree w/ Jabberjabber. I like the green dragons, but I *love* the red scorpions!

    I think you should leave both alone and just repaint the rest.

  4. Huzzah! Three votes for the Red Striking Scorpions! Very spiffy looking!

  5. And I think it appropriate for a KZ team of aspect warriors to be a little different; like they're partway down the path to Autarch.

  6. Nice classic minis! Now I'm wondering what I have laying around that's old and unused... I've got some Rogue Trader guard around somewhere... it may be time to break them out soon... or a genestealer cult would be nice if we had rules for them.

  7. Holy Mon-Keigh!!! these guys are fantastic. This KZ stuff is contagious. I'm going on ebay right now...

  8. Thanks for the comments guys!

    So, the Scorps will be re-pained in a red scheme and the Dragons green.

    I really need to see if I can track down a few more poses of the Scorps and Dragons.




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