Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's this? Squats for Killzone

While digging through boxes over the last couple of days I found a ton of OOP minis, ranging back to the hallowed days of Rogue Trader.

The most exciting find is 40+ Squats, that's right I said it!

Here are the ones that are still on bases and/or not in pieces.

I have decided to remodel and repaint these crusty old veterans as a Spec Ops Group for Killzone.

I am thinking that they may need their own special list for Killzone, more on that later.

I will be showing all the various OOP models I found over the next few weeks.

PS: Don't forget that the Killzone Beta test rules will go live on Tuesday, including 12 missions and all 16 errata for the codices!


  1. It looks like they'll make for a really cool team! I too have been looking through boxes of old minis and have come up with enough guys to put together teams from a variety of different armies. I have some old leftover squats but hadn't planned on doing anything with them for Killzone. If you end up making a special list for them, I think it would be a lot of fun to get to use them again. I'm excited to see the beta rules, thanks for all the hard work.

  2. Stunties for the win!

    To bad you don't have a trike, then you would have the perfect mob of these little guys.

    Looking forward to the beta launch.

  3. Thanks guys, it has been lots of fun digging out all of these old minis.

    I will do a list for them once the initial Beta testing is done for Killzone. I may also tackle the Genestealer cult too!



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