Thursday, September 16, 2010

10/10/10 Killzone Revolution Day and other happenings

Hey guys I know the blog has been pretty quiet, I have been very busy behind the scenes with the development of Killzone.

I have a few bits of Killzone related news to share.

Looking ahead to a rare opportunity that comes along once a century and it being right in the middle of the first round of Killzone playtesting.

We invite you to celebrate Spec Ops Killzone with us on


We will be Blitzing the Internet with Killzone Content. From Blogs to forums we will be there sharing our experiences from everything involved with Killzone.

Covering list building, modeling, painting, battle reports and maybe even a few videos.

Feel free to join in yourself, email me you posts and I will highlight them in bi-hourly updates all day on the 10th.

AJ/Bestia from the rules committee and the Imperial Truth Podcast is on this weeks episode of the Seanhammer podcast. He is talking Killzone, so please check it out!

Clarification from the Interview: A team may only have one Team Leader, he should be chosen from the models with the highest leadership stat.

Don't forget that Killzone will be at Adepticon 2011, as far as I know the first fan made 40k supplement to be run at a major US convention. Right now it is set as a Sunday event, but there is the possibility of getting a second event opened up on Friday.

Check out the initial designs for the Killzone tables that will be used in the event on B.smoove's Blog A Gentleman's Ones.


  1. Once again Congrats Jim!
    This is a great idea and I am glad you found a group to help you expand it.

  2. Thanks for the support, it should be a cracking good time!


  3. If "excited" were people, I'd be China.