Friday, November 26, 2010

Deepstrike Radio inbound!

I have found another great new Podcast for y'all to check out!

Deepstrike Radio approaches most topics from a fluff first aspect, which I find incredibly interesting and refreshing!

The interaction on the show is fantastic with the hosts hailing from Australia and the US. It makes for some wonderful banter between the guys!

So check them out at Deepstrike Radio and let them know what you think of the show!

They also have their own forums called the Custodes, it's free for now so check that out too!

Oh and before I forget, Long live the Squats! :-P


  1. I'll confess to never having listened to a 40K podcast, but if they're going to mention the Squats, looks like I should start.

  2. Ahh Big Jim, According to their latest episode, they have adapted the pay for forum format

    Not that I have a problem with people wanting to cover costs, but from what I have heard so far, I dont know if their forum is going to be worth the asking cost



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