Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First painted mini for the Soul Reapers Revival: Cataphract Terminator

Here is the inaugural miniature for the new army. He is 90 percent finished, I noticed during the photo editing that I forgot to paint the bolts on the Bolter casing and the bolts on the back of the torso. I also need to freehand the crossed scythes on his right pauldron.

Overall I am pleased with the miniature. I have decided to go with green lightning on all the power weapons in the new army, it just fits the color scheme better. As you can see I tested it out on the power blade attachment on the TL-bolter.

I cannot wait until I get him on a Secret Weapons Minis resin base. That is gonna look Schweet!

In the morning I will be posting the unit entry for the Cataphract Terminators.


  1. Wow, Awesome!

    How do you maintain these standards! I would go crazy just doing one mini to that level of detail (and it would not even be that good), much less consistently as you do.

  2. Excellent work. The lighting power weapon really stands out, excellent.
    Can not wait for more!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Counterfett, it's just what I do! I could cut corners, but that would just bug me this time around. This is my second chance to do everything right the first time!

    Mags, I agree, the green lightning is eye catching!


  4. That guy looks great dude. I really like the green blade, it does work really well with the rest of the mini.

  5. Awesome work mate! I really like the use of the green on the blade and the expression on the face - beautiful paint work.

  6. Fantastic- I LOVE the green on the blade. Super detail!

  7. Ooh very nice! I especially love the bold red on the shoulder (how did you do that?) and the green as the spot colour. The crackling effect on the power weapon looks great too. :)

  8. He looks great! I look forward to seeing it in person. As a note, I just sent you an email but grabbed your email addy from the GL registration. Please let me know if you get it.


  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    Mr Ferral, the red on the shoulder was done in three highlights. Base color red gore, 2nd color red gore 1/1 with blood red, 3rd color blood red. Each color covers less surface space. Then the colors are tied together with a red ink wash.

    Bill, I gots the email, and will see what I can do about getting one of those days off.




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